Let's get the emblem partaker up to 12,000 this year

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  • semelcred

    I am calling all who are willing and able to partake at this years memorial. The figure is growing and if reports are to be believed the numbers are made up mostly of experienced and long serving bros and sis! The numbers for last year have not been as high as in 1967. With the youngest GB for decades!

    Many of you want to do it! We ve read stuff and thought about stuff concerning Christ as our personal Mediator and how strange it is to pass by the emblems!

    How many, who have not taken this step before, will be willing too!

    We have already been invited to the meal and every year we ve gone to be told not to eat! Are we to wait until we get a voice that says we can?

    2010 for 12,000 campaign!


  • semelcred
  • WTWizard

    Good idea. If you are going to attend the REJECT Jesus Party at all, it might be a good idea to try and inflate the number of partakers. Remember, if you are afraid of drinking and driving, it only takes a sip of wine to count. Or, you could make a pig of yourself and gulp the whole thing--the choice is yours.

    I only suggest this if you are going at all. If you are already planning on not going, I do not advise going solely to partake. Chances are, if you haven't gone for a while or you are disfellowshipped, partaking will not count. Though, if you are already going, you could hog all the crackers and wine and make extra work for the hounders to refill the glass.

  • nicolaou

    The figure is growing and if reports are to be believed the numbers are made up mostly of experienced and long serving bros and sis!

    What reports are you referring to semelcred?

  • teel

    I don't think they need our help, it's not too far fetched to expect partakers reaching 12k anyhow.

    Also as WTWiz said, the elders will judge if you truly are to be counted as annointed or not (so much for "our spirit witnesses with the Holy Spirit"), so that invalidates most of us. I think even the few of you who keep up the appearances so well would be in quite some pressure after partaking.

  • semelcred

    On review 'reports' may have given the impression of statistics etc. I was making a comment that a number of blogs and posts on this site and others have indicated that many experienced ones have been seen to partake. I guess that you would not post 'oh yeah the new one just took a sip', so perhaps that comment on reflection was subjective. Apologies.

    I would be interested to hear peoples comments or stories of how ones were treated, when after years with an eartly hope, start partaking and claiming a heavenly one! That must be a serious challenge to their families, as much as the cong!


  • finallysomepride

    How about getting it upto 144000 by 2020 LOL

  • wobble

    I wonder how the non-annointed Elders can stand in judgement of someone as to whether they are born -again or not ?

    I don't think any Christians I know would even think to question the veracity of someones claim, they would just lovingly slap you on the back or give you a hug as a fellow Bro or Sis in Christ , what a contrast !



    p.s 144,001 by 2020 would be even better !

  • Quillsky

    I was taught that the "Annointed" aren't superior to the "Other Sheep" -- they are merely different.

    So I would like to see Jehovah's Witnesses start an annual memorial thing where the "Annointed" get together and pass a sheepskin around.

  • blondie

    So how would WE do that. Many here don't attend meetings any more. Others are da'd and df'd. The elders won't be counting people who partake from those groups. The elders are also cautioned not to count newly baptized jws or ones that have lost people recently in death.

    Whatever is motivating current, regularly attending jws to partake seems to be working fine

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