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  • AudeSapere
  • chickpea

    oh dont get me wrong!!

    i have been called a lesbian
    since college... i have the
    fashion sense of a lumber jack...
    and some people think that makes
    me butch... i dont care... i always
    say that i dont think dykes should
    be the only ones wearing cool clothes

    it isnt that i think being a lesbian
    or any orientation (involving adults
    with adults) has any less merit that
    being straight..... it is just that it
    frosts me that these buffoons can
    take what i feel was a noble enterprise
    and twist it around to try to make it
    appeared debauched, according to their
    unctuous and misguided piety....

    truth be told, i laughed when i heard...
    because it cannot be any further from
    the truth than "the truth" TM they espouse


  • sooner7nc

    Nice answer noni

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    are you sure you're not a lesbian?

    The Oracle

  • Robdar

    wankers indeed.

  • StoneWall

    LMAO @ noni1974

    I woulda loved to see your Aunt's facial expression when you said that

  • chickpea
    are you sure you're not a lesbian?

    refer to noni's answer to her auntie

  • dissed

    "And by this you will know my disciples, the love amongst themselves"

    If gossip, maliscious talk and slander were an act of love, then the JW's would hands down win the disciples award from that scripture.

    Sorry, Chicpea, been on the same side as you with the gossip stuff and can reallly feel for you.

  • FlyingHighNow

    What is BEx's moniker here on JWN? I understand that she passed away this morning from an aneurysm.

  • cantleave

    I never knew who she was on here but got to know her well on FB -

    RIP Bex.

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