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  • chickpea

    follow this brief convolution for a second:

    bex and i are friends from the KH we had attended

    i found a friend of bex's, leesa, also from that same
    KH, on FB and told bex how to find her

    bex found leesa and was able to call her

    leesa's grown daughter is still at the KH
    we all had attended

    said daughter told leesa, who told bex, who told me.....

    i am a lesbian who ran off with a woman and my husband
    left me and moved to another state because of it....

    not so much.... i know the bits they must have gleaned
    but boy are they way off base..... rumor control needs
    to squelch that little gem! (like that will happen!)

    what a batch of morons.....

  • cofty

    I have never known a bigger bunch of rumor mongers especially when it comes to ex members

  • dudeson

    Ahh yes....The JW rumor mill. Churning out bullshit since 1874.

  • leec

    It makes sense ... the more a group demonizes their perceived enemy, the more distance there is between their own identity and that of "the other" ... and the easier it is to accept the severity of their judgement.

  • chickpea

    i am relatively certain the "woman" in question
    was a young woman from the forum i used to
    moderate for... adult survivors of childhood
    sexual abuse..... she was 21 years old and
    i helped her FLEE from current jeopardy!!!
    moved her 900 miles away from her abuser...

    my husband did move to another state
    because that was where the jobs were!!
    he had a 5 figure credit card debt that was
    killing our finances! i bet he WISHES that
    the rumor was true.... broken hearts are
    easier to fix than bad credit!!

    i suspect the fact i am a board member
    of PFLAG, and very active on several LGBT
    issues (on account of my transgender son)
    makes the leap to "lesbian" even more
    logical in their twisted minds....


  • VoidEater


    Well, when there really isn't that much happening in your own life you gotta make stuff up about others...

  • flipper

    CHICKPEA- Sorry this is happening to you. I hope you don't have too many JW relatives who you still keep in contact with that will hear of this and shun you. Feel free to PM me or my wife if you'd like support and need to talk

  • noni1974

    I was asked by my aunt once if I was a lesbian. She had heard that I had a female roommate and of course that equates to me being a lesbian. I told her no I'm not a lesbian, I like penises' to much to be a lesbian. She didn't appear to like that answer.

  • Jim_TX

    Some people prefer to make things up - rather than talk to the person - and find out the truth.

    My own mom - was making things up about me - when she couldn't figure out why I was doing what I was doing...

    (Cryptic that, eh?)

    Anyway... she was telling my wife at the time (now ex-wife) that I was gay - or somesuch. She figured that it had something to do with someone that I had worked with early in my career... or something. It was really stupid - but I suppose it made her feel better.

    Of course... these were words that she would vehemently deny - if confronted with them.

    Don't let them get to you... it ain't worth the bother.


    Jim TX

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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