The Rise of the Conscious Class

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  • moshe
    Members of this class are afraid to speak out for fear

    How true. Is it better to be a silent doormat, than to speak the truth about the WT org. ?

    Knowing about a thing and then doing something about it are two different things. You don't find many of these newly enlighted JWs who are willing to open up a can of whoop-ass on the rotten WT Corp and it's minions, the elders and CO's. We have elders and MS servants here, who have joined the conscious class, as you call it, and are still serving as elders, uh, waiting for the most opportune and pain-free time to make their quiet fade out of the KH.

  • cattails

    Dear Joey Jo-Jo,

    I have that Interlinear Bible, it's soooo cool!

    But it should say "Interlinear" note the spelling,

    it's by Jay P Green Sr., and you can get it at

    I got mine for around $50, but a friend of mine got his for half that

    $25 for a used one in fair condition.

    One problem though, it is very heavy.

    I love that it has the Hebrew intelinear text unlike the KIT

    from the WTS.

    But the reason for using the KIT is to send

    a message that I'm in the "conscious class" so if there's

    any other "conscious one" they'd notice the KIT Bible and


    It would be cool to use the KIT this way, and since it is a

    publication of the WTS how can there be any objection to

    bringing it to a meeting? Right?

    If you have one of the purple edition ones that's even better.

    The purple one's were the original edition. The blue cover was

    a later edition with some changes.

  • VampireDCLXV

    I have the purple one! Doesn't do me any good though 'cuz I'm out.


  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Interliner ahah weird the web must be selling fakes then, didn't notice that.

  • baltar447

    Can you even GET a Kingdom Interlinear now?

  • 3Mozzies

    Great post, well written!

    I personally know of MS, Elders & R&F members that are part of this class. If only everyone knew what each person was feeling/thinking . . .

    I made a video a while back that covers the 'Conscientious Class'

    You need to click on 'watch on youtube' as it wont play here.


  • Quando

    This is GREAT! I agree with "mickey" POWER to the Conscious Class

    I was recently visited with a sheparding call , the elders are simply wonderful people (Really) I could not help but notice they were extremely fatigued and not healthy.

    I told them straight out I am conscious class, I told them I will never go "out in service" because I think it is a waste of time and it hurts the enviornment (driving around wasting gas on not at homes)

    Then I offered them something to eat and their eyes perked up and said "YES" I offered carrots from my garden and homemade hummus.

    At this point they ran like hell, (making excuses to get out of my house)

  • Quando

    @cattails I have the purple interlinear bible.

    I know it set me free from doctrine, thanks for sharing the pic

  • Fistandantilus

    I would have started a new post, however i was limted so ill reply here.

    A fellow conciousclass friend and i were discussing the power of the concious class, have any of you thought about the power of the people, revolutions, think about the history of mankind, i believe we CAN change the watchtower it isnt special, it isnt different, THEREFORE its subject to revolution, any dictatorship is, the ONLY way this can happen is through the concious class, leaving acconplishes nothing, but growing our numbers grows our power, ever see inception? The power of the idea.. Imagine a whole elder body of concious class, imagine how it "spreads lile gangrene", it doesnt have to be any particular personal beliefs to unite us, athiest believer whatever as long as your in, you can influence, and, the watchtower knows this,thats why they try to sift us out, to amputate us, thats why they view thought crimes as apostasy, mark my words it WILL happen, youcannot sanitize truth forever. We need to stay in the organization.Fading is what they want why do you think they let it happen, that or they execute you "figurativey".

    I propose a website and forum fpr the concious class, we need to organize (loosly) albeit anonynously there are already many of us out there, but many think they are alone, one voice can lead an army...

    My thoughts

  • Fistandantilus

    Ps. A Jw is most likely to become concious class through sites like jwstruggle perimeno and others showing error through showing bible truth, i myself am a bible believer but exposing the watchtower by
    Its own standard works best, we should have that approacg

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