The Rise of the Conscious Class

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  • tjlibre

    I believe that there are many members of the “conscious class”… they just don’t know it. Remember that the WT has given them a career, a purpose, something do, a reason to justify their existence. Some feel that turning against the GB is betrayal, because they feel indebted for what the society “have done for them” (little do they know that the society has taken a LOT away from them, all that they got came with a price). I personally know some people that learned how to read because their “bible study” conductor thought them to read using WT’s publications. Others really feel that this is the “true” religion. But, a lot of them feel (know) that something is not quite right, its only takes a small “mild-apostate” conversation with them and you’ll sense a little bit of discontent and disillusion with the “org”.

    It is mentally and emotionally draining to be a member of the “conscious class”. The WT study in my KH last Sunday turned into a FDS/GB worshiping session, with a brother emphasizing how we need to heed the advice and not embrace our loved one during the prayer. There is a nice young couple in my hall that just got married, the husband is a “smart” person and semi-liberal JW, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them not even holding hands during the prayer. They were just standing next to each other with their hands on their backs praying….sad, really sad.

    Something is coming… It could be a split between the Watchtower Corp. and the “Christian” Cong of JW. Perhaps another big scandal, who knows but whatever it is, it going to shake the foundation of the authority structure of the Org. That could be another reason why the emphasis on submission, obedience to the FDS/GB…

  • truthseeker

    I was a member of the conscious class for years until I left in 2008.

    The meetings were mind numbingly dull and boring, especially when you know the whole thing is a farce. I still went out on service some of this time and could not bring myself to talk about the Society in any way, shape or form.

    It was a horrible experience - to be fully conscious and aware that you are wasting your time.

    I too used to look around me, at the hall, at assemblies and conventions and wonder if there was anyone who felt like me. Trouble is, you can't tell.

  • nugget

    It is a shame we don't have a secret greeting so we would know when we met another of like mind it would be fun.

    The only problem with being a member of the concious class is that you are concious and irritated. I find the meetings are a source of constant annoyance. I have to check material before we go to ensure that I won't be too tempted to put my hand up and say "wake up you people this is a total steaming pile of BS."

  • startingover
  • LongHairGal

    Walk Tall,

    You are absolutely right about it being more like a dictatorship. It was never my intention to join a dictatorship. I was simply interested in end-time prophecy. I am going into my tenth year of being a 'fader'. I knew there were many things wrong early on in the beginning but I kept suppressing my doubts because I was caught up in socializing (love bombing) for the first several years. I saw as time went on the heads of the religion kept exalting themselves higher and higher and stressing 'obedience'. It was starting to sound like 'silence! how dare you question us.....' When anything starts sounding like this and tries to suppress logical questions, alarm bells start going off in my head.

    Even when I was sucker-punched by their 1995 generation teaching change (which they have just changed AGAIN by the way), I STILL didn't leave! It took me finding out the dirt on the religion on the internet in the year 2000. It was only then that it became "real" to me and I realized I could no longer take part in this pathetic charade. Thankfully, I had no family there so there is really no loss except for a few kind people I know. There are many people trapped in there because they have family in. However, there are some die-hards who wouldn't leave the religion even if Christ came smashing through the walls on a wrecking ball. Well, they can HAVE it.


    You are right about how all that would be left would be cheap-skate morons and religious numbskulls. They certainly do deserve each other. Poetic justice.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I've been trying to figure out a way to devise a secret handshake or code word but it's really difficult when there is so much at stake and the paranoia is high.

  • sir82
    I've been trying to figure out a way to devise a secret handshake or code word but it's really difficult when there is so much at stake and the paranoia is high.

    How about the word "happifying"? It's appeared in JW literature, but is not in common usage.

    I propose this: Mention the word "happifying" to anyone you think might be one of the "conscious class". If they manage to work in the word "happifying" in reply, you've made the connection.

  • cattails

    I carry a KIT.

    The Kingdom Interlinear Translation.

    It is published by the WT and has the NWT Christian Scriptures on the margin so it's an all right, approved version.

    I started using it when the KM came out in 2007 about not meeting to learn Greek in order to check the accuracy of the NWT text.

    It figures that if they have to warn about it there must be something there, it's going slow, but I'm enjoying my study research into Koine Greek.

  • Phigment2

    I give you guys so much credit! I would not have the mental fortitude to hang in there. In 2000 I asked the elders a question and was told, "you are not entitled to answers." I have never, nor will ever have any intention of returning. But, that decision has placed an impenetrable wall between me and family who simply won't hear me. Only those who still have any contact have any chance whatsoever of reaching the minds of those enslaved by the religion and I thank you and pray for your efforts and sanity. :)

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    cattails: Same here but without learning greek, im using the Interlinear bile book to cross reference with the Kingdom interlinear.

    It's a really good book.

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