The Rise of the Conscious Class

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  • truthseeker


    The last convention I attended (2008) there was a short demonstration of a brother using a computer with an internet connection to do research on the Society.

    He said "What's this? Negative information about the governing body? I can't look at this" and then proceeded to do research using the WT CD-ROM.

    I was very surprised at this. They know the arguments people have with them. Their is a post somewhere on his forum about a year or two back about Bethelites monitoring apostate sites under close supervision, I will see if I can find it.

  • truthseeker

    Check out this thread, it's not the one I had in mind but still interesting...

    An open letter to Bod at the London Branch.

    Dear Bod

    I have personal knowledge that one of your duties, at the London Branch is to monitor this Discussion board as well as Freeminds and Silentlambs

    You are required to log on daily to check all the posts for information that may be damaging to your Branch Office.

    As you read the indefensible truth that the Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society of Britain (your employer) has constantly lied about the United Nations Issue, The problems regarding child molestation ( whilst I am sure in my heart that this issue upsets you greatly, will you speak up????.) The debacle regarding blood (again I know that you have visited LEE ELDERS excellent site and agree with his arguments)

    The unscriptural practice of disfellowshipping.

    All these matters you read about on a daily basis, how does your conscience make you feel?????.

    I know that you can probably guess who I am, Remember Ashbourne 1993 and I hope that knowledge can prick your conscience. Do the right thing now Contact Me and we can make a difference.

    You know what DD and JW have done, will you stand by such men?????

    Fondest Christian Love

  • miseryloveselders

    This is crazy when you think about. I couldnt have imagined having doubts twenty years ago, I would have lost my mind. Maybe even, offed myself. Somedays now, during a meeting, I look around trying to find the slightest hint of irritation, confusion, or resistance to whatever material is being reviewed. It's a relief seeing the thoughts and experiences people relay here, because for the longest time i thought it was me. It's like being on the elevator and someone farted, and you heard it, you smell it, but everybody else is acting like nothing happened. You start to wonder if you're going crazy as if, "is it me?"

    The other thing I like about this "Conscious Class", is many posters here have had time to really sit down and think these things out. Me being newer to this whole apostate thing, it's nice reading the more mature dissenting views as opposed to a whole bunch of emotional rants. The emotional rants, I understand because I know how I get when hurt, or angry. But the mature, logical arguments make it easier to establish my own personal views rather than whats been spoonfed to me for the past thirty years.

  • sd-7

    Best post ever. Brilliantly written. Inspiring.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Proud member for as long as I can stand it. I just feel like it's going to be over for me soon, though. It's just really hard to sit through meetings now.

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    twinkle toes



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    Thank you for that additional information.


  • sherah

    Great post. Like Miseryloveselders i look around the hall for any hint that there is someone of like mind listening with irritation. I'm so thankful i found this site, i would be in the looney bin without a place to process my doubts and thoughts.

  • LostGeneration

    I agree Truthseeker with your conclusion that there is a group who of individuals who think in this way. I am just at a loss as to whether it means a thing in the near future. Long term of course I think it means a slow exit of the membership. But the current GB doesn't care about that. They just want to maintain their control without a mass exit happening on their watch.

    Organization is their advantage. They have a management structure in place to enforce their edicts. One sentence read from the stage cuts off anyone who has the balls to speak up and take a stand. It doesn't matter if they come out in the next year and say they have changed their mind on the trinity, hell fire, and immortal soul doctrines. As long as the DF policy remains and people follow it, nothing really will change. There can be a conscious class of 50% and it wont meant a thing because as soon as you step out of line, question a teaching, or tell the elders they are wrong about anything, you are marked and watched like a hawk.

    Its like "dont ask, dont tell" as long as everyone stays in line nothing will ever change.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Power to the Conscious Class.

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