Were You Afraid To Talk Out Loud For Fear The Demons Might Hear You?

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  • SixofNine

    I still am.

  • JimmyPage

    As a kid I was afraid. As an adult I pretty much got over it. Amazing how much power a person can give to imaginary beings.

  • dissed

    An Elderly JW lady told us not to express our fears out loud. The demons could hear and then use it against us when the authorities torture us when the Tribulation happened. Scary uh?!

    You want to know what's really scary and more dangerous?

    Share a doubt you might have with a JW who would then turn you in to the Elders later.

    "Don't deny it Brother Apostate! We have a witness who heard you say the GB sucks the Big One!"

  • truthseeker

    shhhhh - they can hear you now Minimums

  • Purza

    Completely terrified - it got expecially worse after I walked way - and lasted for probably two years.

    Although it took some time, I woke up one day and realized that they truly did not exist.

    Coming to that realization was liberating.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    I remember the days of our coming into the org. I heard more demon stories at get-togethers than anything else. At one point I had to cut off one elder with fat and grissle between his ears as he was scaring the kids. The demonized smurfs, sweater that would not burn, etc. All created an environment of fear - "well if a sweater would not burn imagine what would happen if I talked out loud?"


    Jehovah`s Witness`s were Afraid of the Demonic Sounds..

    Coming from my Basement..

    It never occured to them, it was my Furnace,to Heat the House..

    True Story..Dumb JW`s..


    .................................. ...OUTLAW

  • darthfader

    I read an science article a few years back about how we involuntarily move our mouths when we think intensely. I always wondered if this occurred during prayers. So maybe the demons could listen to our prayers by watching our involuntary lip movements... Oh, and to answer your question, yes I used to think the demons were "listening"...

    Another thing used to give me the creeps is to sit in a dark room and whisper my own name...

    daaarrrrrtthh.... daaarrrrrtthh.... daaarrrrrtthh.... faaadddeerrrr......

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