semiautomatic air pistols

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  • megaflower

    I am looking into getting myself a pellet pistol. My reason for a pellet is it will not kill anyone but sting them pretty good. We have been getting some undesirable's and they have been breaking in to my neighbors places. We have not been hit, yet. My husband travels often and I would like to have something that would make them think twice. Iam uncomfortable with shotguns etc plus I do not think I could shoot knowing what the outcome would be with something so powerful. Any suggestions?

  • Twitch

    Retain a lawyer first,....

  • HintOfLime

    For about the same price you can get a do-it-yourself wireless home alarm system - they come with several door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a central unit, and a couple keychain remotes to arm/disarm the system.

    That coupled with perhaps a small can as a last resort.. but most people won't stick around if an alarm is going off, and that way you don't have to worry about escalating violence (you pull out a pellet gun only to find out one of them has a real one.)

    - Lime

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    A pistol or shotgun with blanks or birdshot would be better than a pellet gun. It is the sound that will be most effective. As far as using something so powerful, it says not to kill, it doesn't say anything about blowing someone's kneecaps off. It's all in your aim.

  • TD
    Any suggestions?

    Yes. Make sure you thoroughly understand the law in your state.

    Shooting someone with even an airsoft pistol is assault. In most states, you can't do this in defense of property alone.

    Real pellet pistols are classified as firearms almost everywhere. The exact same rules apply when it comes to when you can and can't use one.

  • HintOfLime
    As far as using something so powerful, it says not to kill, it doesn't say anything about blowing someone's kneecaps off.

    Be careful with this - talking to some police in Colorado, they will warn that in court firearms involved in self-defense can often become an all-or-nothing event. The courts can rule that if an attacker wasn't a big enough of a threat for you to kill them, then they weren't enough of a threat for you to fire at them at all (if you don't intend to kill with a shot, fire a warning shot that misses entirely, and if that doesn't stop them, and it's you-or-them - it's shoot to kill.)

    Police also warn that if you're going to produce a weapon, you best be prepared to kill with it immediately. The 'fight or flight' instinct will be triggered in your attackers, and things can happen very fast (some may run, some may attack, sometimes additional weapons are produced).

    A gun is a frightning weapon... but it's no guarantee that someone will automaticlly leave.

    - Lime

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Probably a stun gun or pepper spray would be a better choice for you givien that you are not willing to really shoot someone. All a pellet gun would do is get them really really angry with you.

    The police are not here to protect you, they're here to fill out the paperwork for victims of crime and dead bodies.

    I would urge you to change your position in regard to lethal force.

  • jwfacts

    Coming from Australia, the concept of owing a gun is unusual and worrying. I would not feel safe pulling a gun on an intruder, as it is more likely to escalate the situation to the point where they shoot you.

  • villabolo

    I don't know Georgia (where I assume you live) too well but I believe that they are probably friendlier than most other states in matters of self defense. I would have a shotgun (with a variety of projectiles, from lethal to very fine bird pellets which are lethal only at point blank range). It is a very versatile weapon unlike the pellet gun which won't intimidate hard core criminal elements, just piss them off and most probably make them more dangerous.

    The preceeding advice assumes that you are of the belief that handicapping yourself in self defence will bring pity or empathy from those who would eventually judge you. Based on personal experience I can assure you that it won't. I fired a warning shot against my assailant and it got me 4 1 / 2 months in jail. The law is a lifeless abstraction, those who "enforce" it mindless automatons. There is no credit for chivalry.

    Therefore you need weapons (plural) that will maximize your chance of survival. And if you want to dabble and compromise do it with a .22. Otherwise these are the weapons I recommend.

    1. Semi auto rifle, nine 20 round magazines. Caliber .308.
    2. Semi auto pistol, 10 magazines. Caliber 9mm.
    3. Semi auto .22 rimfire rifle. 10 magazines.
    4. Semi auto shotgun, adaptable to 7 rounds, 12 gauge.

    You don't need to carry all four on you, just as long as you can choose the most appropriate one for your situation. For those who don't want to prepare for the worse conceivable situation #3 and #4 will be sufficient for the worse of the (unorganized) criminal elements. It would not be sufficient for drastic times.


  • poppers

    There was a lawyer who lived near here that was killed by a pellet gun - he was shot in the head.

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