Another JW Report from Haiti - this is sick....

by Bonnie_Clyde 24 Replies latest jw friends


    Just posted this on a couple of other sites, my title was almost identical to yours. It is sick.

  • Jadeen

    That idiot reposted that bit about "Visible proof where 'higher learning' takes you--right into the ground!!"

    "Lande Blinde" called them on their callus remark and they see no problem with it

    What a wonderful example they set!

    Edited to add- They just deleted her post, but some of the other comments mention it.

  • sd-7

    This is probably the kind of stuff that contributed to my awakening--bending the rules of logic and arbitrarily saying higher education is evil. But this one just goes way, way too far. It's immoral. You wonder why JWs get banned in other countries? This is why! Extremist, warped thinking! The Society victimizes them, and they in turn victimize others. Disgusting.


  • WuzLovesDubs

    They will only delete any posts that dont tickle their butts over there. Followed by every last one of them sticking their heads in the sand, singing LA LA LA LA LA and covering their ears, going JEHOVAH JEHOVAH JEHOVAH!!! and thinking that just because they carry a blood card and invoke the name of God that they are above reproach and above the law and favored over every other human being... makes my bowels cramp and the bile build

  • Mary

    I think the originator of the letter has blocked the ability to make any more "comments" on the Facebook account. I'm amazed my comments didn't get yanked.

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