New Songbook: Pedantic Piano Practise?

by metatron 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • slimboyfat

    The new songs are truly awful, including the revised ones. I used to like some of the old songs you know. The new song book is just one more reason not to go to meetings.

  • cantleave

    Appalling - absolutely appalling.

    Mindless doughy pap.

    Dumbing down to sub-zero levels.

    Oh and I don't like them very much either,

  • AnnOMaly

    after listening to several of the songs played at the Kingdumb Hall, all the songs started ------ to-------sound--------like-------this. One careful paused note per syllable as if the whole songbook was published to help teach children learn how to play piano.

    Yes---you're---ab-sol-ute-ly - right.

    They're---all---played - pre-cise-ly - to - time.

    Just---like---with - a - metro-nome.

    Ro---bot---ic - without - a-ny - soul.

    As annoying as it was that the previous pianist ignored the pauses so you couldn't catch your breath and did his/her own thing sometimes, at least s/he put some feeling into it.

  • metatron

    Yes! You've got it! As if each note was struck strictly according to a metronome! Plodding, carefully measured and paused as if the name of the new songbook was "Learning to Play Piano: First Lessons".


  • WTWizard

    At least the rap music the witlesses bash has some personality to it. It seems they have stripped the Kingdumb Maladies of what little personality they ever had, and wonder why the witlesses want to listen to real music. I bet the "With all this beautiful music they put out, why would anyone want to listen to worldly music" from the hounders and old parents will be met with "How does anyone call this sxxx "music"? from all the teenagers by May. If not much sooner.

  • SirNose586

    A whole 2 songs about Jesus. Why don't they just drop the whole Christian shtick?

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