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  • ArchDemon

    Diamound,the theory hypotesis is over,its a damn fact,open your eyes and dont be a tool,the internet is more reliable this days than the controlled media

  • diamondiiz

    Let's see these facts, since you seem to know about wts more than myself as you appear to have done deeper research than myself, please provide these facts about Russell being a mason and part of illuminati bloodlines. Or are you one of Alex Jones followers who believes all the "facts" on the net?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Lets remember we're discussing this with an 18 year old kid about helping a 14 year old kid. I don't think it's really appropriate to get into a pissing match while we're trying to help save people from a destructive mind control cult.

  • yknot

    If she is the type of 14 year old that thinks she knows it all.......suggest she read 'The Finished Mystery 1917, 1st Edition along with the rest of the 'Rutherford Era'.......afterall the GB did say to research only using WTS publications.

    Remind her that her religion's heralds it as one of the reasons Jesus was so pleased with the Bible Students that he appointed them FDS.

    Archive also has this collection which includes Watchtowers and Pre-Awake publications......all she has to do is follow the year.

    JWN Poster Chasson also has many other pre-Awake publications on his personal website that can be linked via this thread below

    HOWEVER...... PLEASE REMEMBER.....SHE IS A MINOR AND IS UNDER HER PARENT'S GUARDIANSHIP....... Perhaps if her parents are so un-restrictive as to let her associate with you (mines would have never allowed me to communicate with you at 14) might show her this site, maybe tell her you would be happy to post any questions/challenges she might want to discern as the forum membership boast a wide variety of ranking JWs.

    (EDIT TO ADD: I made a mistake in my first response....... the PEW REPORT found that 63% of born/raised JWs quit being JW. As for the remaining 37% in my experience aren't that faithful either, rather they are conscious/awake class or lead double lives....)

  • ArchDemon

    diamound seek for the armaggedon plot in the net,then after that i would advice u to see a video on the internet where u can see in a early publication a soldier holding a shield with a masonic shield on it and alot of other subliminar messages,also viacom is owned by illuminati and they own almost every channel in the u.s.a and other things thats why the internet is more reliable and thats why viacom is going to own the youtube and they will be able to login to your account and see your i.p-meaning no privacy at all.

    freemansory "laural wreath" in shield

    demonic gothead-

    Yknot Her mother likes me alot actually,and she belives in the illuminati conspiracy but she doesnt belive that their religion is part of it,neverthless she agreed with me to do a deep research to find if theyre clean wich i dont belive they are at all since i gathered new information against them,thanks for the links im gonna read them and then show them later when i have a chance

  • diamondiiz

    I figured that's the type of "evidence" you could provide. If you didn 't get my point, here's alex jones site for you as all his stuff will be truth to you You may want to read up David Icke's reptilian nation too because you know those aliens must be living amongst us, after all they're the masters of illuminati. So powerful the illuminati that they just allowed the internet to be a free media for all the truth seekers. Great, thanks for the education, the crown and cross definitely had to be masonic and all the other organization that have ever used the symbol had to have illuminate backing. BTW did you see that toast with Jesus' face on it? Ok thanks again for the evidence I never seen before.

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