Confused by answers given by friend

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  • yknot

    At 14 you believe whatever your parents teach you.....

    She probably doesn't have a full grasp of all the interpretations either.....

    She has been brought up believing that in 1919 Jesus appointed the WTS as the Faithful and Discreet Slave, caretaker of all Jesus' earthly belongings. In order for her to survive Armageddon she must obey all the dictates of the WTS.....that in short order is her only knowledge.

    She is still a child and obediance is a major aspect of her life with or without the WTS.

    Gently tell her that when she turns 18 she should really 'research' her religion as suggested in "What Does the Bible Really Teach".....that 63% of those born or raised JW remain JW, the rest leave and join forums like ours!

  • teel
    she doesnt like ppl trying to modify her thoughts

    This sounds all too familiar, it's the motto of my wife

    As Heaven said, that's exactly what the society does, and they don't have any problem with that. The "Truth" as they call it can be summed up nicely in this: "anything the GB says". If you touch a doctrine that the GB teaches, you're questioning that "Truth". The doctrine in itself is not important, it can be changed at any time, but only by the GB, to keep up the "Truth".

  • GromitSK

    I may have missed the point here so forgive me but I am curious as to what the original poster is trying to achieve. One may wish to question a JW to show them the error of their ways, or a friend or family member to help them to see the true situation. I am certainly no fan of WTS but if a person wishes to maintain their religious belief, why not let them if it is clear they do not want to have these beliefs challenged?

    How close a friend is this person? It might be very difficult to develop a friendship with a truly committed JW. As a non-JW you will always be regarded as different and once she sees that you are not a good prospect for assimilation you may find it hard to have much in common.

  • ArchDemon

    well,the point was to know why she lied to me in those questions i made her,and get some info on those 2,also i will talk to her about those 2 questions and the evidence that her statements are wrong,i never talk about her religion out of the blue,usually her mothers talks about it sometimes and i make questions about stuff and research.(usually what i research never say what they did).

    she is one of my closer friends actually,and we do have alot in common,her beliefs are one of the few things that were opposite,her mother seems to like me quite alot and sees me as a good influence for her,i guess she doesnt mind apostates that much because all good friends of her daughter are not jw,although her mother tried to take me to lots of meetings and studiying the bible and i declined,so she doesnt do that anymore thankfully,but she stills talks about it once in a while,wich i found it to be rather annoying sometimes

  • Heaven

    the point was to know why she lied to me in those questions i made her

    Ok, here's the thing about JWs. They believe that lying is ok in certain circumstances, ESPECIALLY when defending Jehovah and his organization. It's called 'theocratic warfare'. Also, anytime a JW is presented with actual, real evidence that refutes their beliefs, this creates a situation in their minds called 'cognitive dissonance'. When this happens in the mind, the person tends to return to what they feel more comfortable with, regardless of whether it is actually true or not. It's all part of mind control.

    Check out information on the Douglas Walsh Trial, held in Scotland in 1954. A high ranking JW admitted that they would rather spread falsehood to remain united, than actually teach the truth.

  • ArchDemon

    Heaven if you see my first post you will notice i have talked with my friend about cognitive dissonance and she knows what it is,thanks for the links

  • Heaven

    i have talked with my friend about cognitive dissonance and she knows what it is

    Does she recognize when she is experiencing it? Sounds to me like your friend needs to start being true to and honest with herself. This is the only way she can be true to and honest with you.

  • ArchDemon

    i said to her face that it was cognitive dissonance,she didnt say either yes or no and i talked to her about the new world order,illuminati and their involvement with russel,wich means theyre possibly a false religion like the mormons,and showed this and said couldnt this be your case?and she said" hmm so-so we will wait and see..."

  • GromitSK

    Understood thanks.

  • diamondiiz


    Don't get too excited about conspiracy theories because that's all they are. There is no proof Russell was involved in any of these things. He knew of Masonary but many did in his time and in his area but doesn't mean that he was a Mason himself. Just because his last name is Russell doesn't mean that he's part of the Illuminati bloodlines. There are things written about wts and individuals that are theories not facts and some are just fiction so unless you can back something up by proof I wouldn't be telling jws something that you can't prove it. Some nonsense that's spread on the internet does apostates a disfavor as it's just nonsense.

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