To cure cancer we need to go back in time! From the Brooklyn Eagle 1916

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  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "I know plenty of people that have had success not going the standard American medical way of doing things" - "Crazyguy"

    What is "the standard American medical way"?

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I have been reflecting on the responses to my post for the past day. People who have undergone radiation and chemo (or knew someone who had) report no ill-effects other than fatigue and hair loss as well as the cancer retreating, and while I don't for a moment believe that anyone here is lying, I find these statements impossible to square with my own experiences.

    When my father was diagnosed with cancer he did not seem unhealthy to me. He may have had cancer, but he was still able to work, eat and do everything that he had always done before. And yet, after only a few short weeks of radiation and chemo, he was bed-ridden, could not keep any food down and was in constant pain. Whether these symptoms of his were actually the result of his treatments or the cancer itself, it is clear that the treatments were doing absolutely nothing to help him.

    Something isn't adding up here.

  • cofty

    RT - Chemo can be horrendous. It can cause a host of side effects as well as damaging the bodies immune system which can lead to potentially fatal infections.

    Nobody pretends that chemo isn't extremely toxic. In my case it caused spasms of my aorta (cardiotoxicity) and almost killed me.

    On the other hand, if it works it stops or slows down the growth and spread of malignant cells. Along with radiotherapy and surgery it saves lives. In other cases it extends life.

    Sadly cancer cannot always be treated effectively. If it has already spread at the time of diagnosis then it is less likely that it can be cured. Patients must be fully involved in discussions with doctors and oncologists to assess the risks and benefits of possible treatments.

    I totally respect those who decide that further chemo is not appropriate. On the other hand dismissing chemo and radiotherapy in the way you did above is dangerously foolish.

  • 2+2=5
    Chemo can be horrendous. It can cause a host of side effects as well as damaging the bodies immune system which can lead to potentially fatal infections

    The often maligned cannabis can be of massive benefit to those undergoing chemotherapy.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Even the side effects long after the treatments are hell. Some are for the rest of their lives. I thought I was doing great until six months after and I ended up with raynaud's along with all my veins blown up in my hands and feet. It's been nine months and it's just getting worse going from one specialist to another. From ulcers, to food not going through quick enough. Hands, arms, feet and legs are extremely weak. Absolutely no energy!

    I was diagnosed with cholangiocarsinoma. Cancer in the billiaries in the liver. Two thirds of the liver was removed along with the gallbladder. The way I feel now, I wish I was just dead. Cancer is NOT to be taken lightly.

    Cofty is dead on with what he is saying. He gets it like the rest of us who got it.

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