To cure cancer we need to go back in time! From the Brooklyn Eagle 1916

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  • Londo111

    It moves Russell from benign but deluded into the category of huckster.

  • cofty
    Anyone who says they can cure it via grape juice, prayer, chemo or any other means is the worst sort of montebank

    Bizarre that you put chemo in the same grouping as grape juice.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    Cofty: Bizarre that you put chemo in the same grouping as grape juice.

    I know, it really isn't fair to all those hucksters who recommend prayer and grape juice to put them in the same drawer with conventional medicine. Chemo and radiation are the only 'cures' that actually make the patient sicker. Prayer, though useless as a treatment, can comfort the dying; and grape juice at least has the virtue of being harmless and yummy!

  • cofty

    Fuck off

  • sparky1

    "Fuck off" - Cofty

    I second that. FUCK OFF, Rainbow_Troll.

    My oldest sister had brain cancer, and radiation and chemotherapy helped save her life. I am sure that you think you are funny and sometimes you are. And sometimes you are just an asshole! This time your comments are not funny.

  • Crazyguy

    Chemo and radiation only have a 22% remission right up to five years after the patient is considered cured or not counted at all. This means after 5 years if the cancer comes back and kills the person it's not counted against their 22%. I know plenty of people that have had success not going the standard American medical way of doing things.

  • zeb

    Russel. sleazy crackpot!

    with any cancer the 'trick' is to get it early. Don't ignore odd lumps bumps bleeds or discoloured moles that change.

    check each other out in the showers mums check daughters dads sons. And I mean all over! especially if they are in the foolish habit of lying in the sun. As the Australian Cancer Council says browned skin is damaged skin.

    I was saved from melanoma by my vigilance. and this is just from me, minimise chemicals into your system.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    My oldest sister had brain cancer, and radiation and chemotherapy helped save her life

    What makes you so sure it was radiation and chemo that saved her? Plenty of people think Gerson therapy saved their lives. Others swear by prayer.

    My dad did chemo and radiation. He's dead. He would have died anyways, of course, but the quacks he put his trust in ensured that his last months on this earth were as agonizing as possible. But hey, it worked out well for them financially.

    My uncle took the same route in addition to a strict vegetarian diet, but he didn't even last as long as my dad.

    My mom's friend also decided to trust her doctors. Guess what happened to her...

    Given the success rate of chemo and radiation I would rather take my chances with the Gerson therapy. Juicing and dieting may not extend your life, but at least it doesn't make your hair fall out or force you to drink stuff that tastes like vomit to survive. But hey, it's your life.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Chemo and radiation are the only 'cures' that actually make the patient sicker ??????

    At the end of last year, my wife had to have a course of radiation therapy, every day for five consecutive days. While this left her feeling tired, she suffered no ill effects whatsoever. Furthermore, this treatment was effective.

    Beforehand, my wife was effectively paralysed when a tumour developed in her hip joint (imagine the very worst case of sciatica, then multiply it by at least five!) Within weeks of receiving radiation therapy, she regained full mobility. Furthermore, between that and the hormone therapy she remains on, this tumour is gradually shrinking.

    Having a daughter who is now an accredited nutritionist, my wife is also into the "juicing and dieting" approach as well as conventional medicine. From what I have seen, the juices she uses are harmless enough, and they actually taste okay into the bargain! Likewise for the diet my wife now follows (giving up the use of cane sugar is not going to harm anyone).

    Such measures may well have their place - but as a supplement to conventional medicine, not as a replacement.

  • cofty

    In the UK it costs the NHS huge sums of money to administer radiotherapy and chemo. For us there is no financial motive. It works. It's not the magic bullet but it's the best we have.

    I would be dead by now if it was not for conventional cancer treatment.

    The future probably lies in therapies based on the specific genetic causes of cancer. Cancer isn't one disease. There no "cure for cancer". There are many related diseases that all involve the uncontrolled replication of cells.

    Rainbow Troll - You are welcome to your conspiracy theories and your quack cures but keep them to yourself.

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