How 'bout that Prez Obama?

by MsDucky 34 Replies latest social current

  • freeman


    You crazy ditto-dude, you kill me ;-)


  • beksbks

    Obama didn’t engineer this tragedy, he didn’t wish for this tragedy to happen, however if you think the Whitehouse think-tank which includes the president himself isn’t considering all the political angles involved and how best to use them, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale that you may be interested in. That’s Chicago style hardball politics, it ain’t pretty, I find it loathsome myself, but its reality, politicians do/say/think politics 24/7.

    Hmmmm.... yes, yes, I see it now. Sending aid to Haiti after thier Capitol is flattened by a natural disaster, is on a par with lying to the country, congress, the world, in order to garner support for an illegal war.

  • Nathan Natas
  • beksbks

    You guys really need some new material

  • MsDucky

    People get curious, they tune in to his show, his ratings go sky-high and he get’s to have a 50 million dollar a year salary.

    Rush wins.

    You mean he sold his soul to the devil.

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