Have these people gotten ruder over the years?

by Soledad 25 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Soledad

    What is up with current JWs? Do I suddenly have a leprosy that I didn't catch in the mirror this morning?

    My mom had surgery recently and once again all care taking duties have fallen into my lap. I love mom so no problem there. The problem happens when these morons start coming around to visit.

    How do you wrap your head around their logic? "I'm going to ignore this chick and treat her like shit in her own home that I came to visit unannounced and uninvited so that way she will realize the error in her ways and return toThe Truth. tm"

    Can I get a WTF??? How arrogant can they get??

  • Finally-Free
    I'm going to ignore this chick and treat her like shit in her own home

    When I left the JWs I made it clear that I would never tolerate being disrespected in my own home, not even by family. If someone doesn't like that they will leave either on their own or forcibly.


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Soledad, we recently had an experience like yours. We had a death in the immediate family so we were in their home frequently that week. When loving brother shepherd elder came to review arrangements, he and his lovely wife wouldn't even greet my family (faded not DF). Well, there little plan backfired on them. I didn't go running back and boy did it speak volumes to non JW family that witnessed their behavior. But yes, they are rude, how they think that is going to want you to return is a mystery to me. It actually reassures me when the act this way. Hope your Mom is better soon! NMKA

  • Robdar

    The word "crass" comes to mind.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Sorry Soledad, I hope your mother gets better soon.

    If you want things to change, the only suggestion I can give is to not enable them. You don't have to get "confrontational", just greet them with a great big "Hello, thanks for coming! Mom will be so happy to see you. Would you like something to drink?" Give them a big smile and let them know that you're very happy.

    By your actions, make if very clear that YOU are the good Samaritan, while THEY are the self-righteous scribes.

    If they try to talk religion with you, suddenly remember that you need to get Mom's medicine, return a call, start lunch, or something.

  • WTWizard

    Why are they visiting your place if they do not want to associate with you? I can remember a while ago when Danny Haszard had this exact same problem, despite that he attempted to make it clear that he did not want the witlesses around.

    I wonder if the witlesses are just begging for persecution. Because that is a damn good way to get it--harassing people and going out of their way to treat people like sxxx is a sure way for some pretty serious consequences. Then again, they never seem to learn their lesson--that, when an apostate wants to be left alone, it is best to just leave them alone instead of visiting their places to be rude or to harass them. And I hope they never get anyone back that way.

  • aquagirl

    My dad just died.The JW's came to their house,where I was staying,and totally ignored me and hugged my mom and all.Totally ignored me like I wasnt even there.I am df'd,but I just lost my dad for christ sakes!One guy refused to come INTO the house when he found out I was there.Just stood outside and took all of the extra groceries and stuff{we were getting ready to leave}.I hate these people,and am sorry that my dad spent most of his life being involved with them.He wasnt like that,he always spoke too and was kind to everyone,but then,his motives were pure.Some of these other clowns,I think not.And yes,I think that they are getting ruder.Its cause they are being shown up to be a joke.

  • nugget

    The society is getting ruder. They have really clamped down on association with Df'd ones and are even more restrictive than before. This means that people are encouraged to behave badly. Remember these people are controled by a cult, if they were to leave they would be mortified by this behaviour because it is obviously wrong.

  • jookbeard

    not only are they ruder they are far more worldly then ever , seep far more arrogance,pride,selfishness, are obsessed by materialism, lie more then ever , basically nasty horrible people, Gods people my ass LOL.

  • cry

    aquagirl, that is a terrible story you tell. Even in the most divided families, when a death occurs, there is at least a temporary harmony. What do they think they will achieve by behaving like this - will it mean more converts - certainly not! They show themselves up to be a disgusting bunch of mind controlled idiots with no natural affection. You don't need their hugs I am sure I an not alone in sending (((((((hugs)))))))) to you.

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