Help - my husband wants to buy scratch off tickets!

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  • Elsewhere

    Very sad the way JWs have to stop and ask themselves if "mother" will get angry at them for doing... whatever.

  • doublelife

    Wow. I didn't think I would get this many responses this fast.

    First off, I don't think that gambling is the best way to spend money. The reason I approved it with my husband is twofold:

    1) The tickets he wants to buy are only $1. He will buy one ticket whenever he fills up his car for gas. He only fills up for gas once a week so the most money he would waste in a month is around four to five dollars.

    2) If I can get him to do something the WTS says is a no no, that's a plus in my eyes.

    Mad Sweeney: The reason I want him to ask the elders is because if they tell him no, which I'm thinking they will, then that will impress upon him how there are going beyond the bible and making man-made rules.

    With all that being said, Outlaw, you make a good point I didn't think of about it should only be for entertainment. Maybe I should talk to him about that.

  • worldtraveller

    You have a better chance at being one in 144,000. Don't waste your money. Give it to a Haitian.

  • Robdar

    Your husband would keep more of his pocket change if he didn't use it to buy scratch off tickets. Having said that, tell him to go ahead and go for it. Why would anybody want to have their life controlled to such an extent? Running for your freedom starts with one step.

  • cantleave

    I started doing the National lottery, not because I have any chance of winning it, but because it signified my freedom. I would rather give £2 a week to good cause and have a bit of a flutter, than give the £30 a month I was to congregation.

  • arwen

    I dont see the difference between buying a lottery ticket and buying stocks in the stock market.. Taking a gamble on both.. The WBTS have invested millions in the stock markets and lost and gained money. If he is going to speak to the elders.. get him to mention this to them...

  • lisavegas420

    I'm not a big lottery fan. But for the last few years when my husband and I we go out to eat, we stop any buy a few (1-3) one dollar lottery tickets and leave the tickets with the 20% tip. I try to pick tickets that is 'seasonal' like a wintery one, in February I'll get a valentine themed one...., ect. Just tryin' to spice it up. And wouldn't it be cool if they won big.


  • shopaholic

    I've thought about buying a lottery ticket simply as an act of freedom as well. No one really buys them in my area so maybe I could win big...LOL. Its probably best not to ask the elders, you already know what their response will be. You're only going to create more problems for yourself as now they will start watching you for signs of spiritual weakness.

    Also, there are a lot of JWs that think investing in the stock market is a big No-No for JWs. To me, its has nothing to do with greed. If you've budgeted money for lottery tickets...go for it.

    And yes, it can be a DF'ing offense. Depends on your BOE.

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