Why Christains make no sense to me, an example from Haiti...

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  • cry

    E.Zenone, your post just proves my point. You have abandoned all LOGIC and answered with 'have you read the bible?'. There is no effort to try and explain how some could be deliberately saved and others perish. Some people admire faith like this - I hate it. It stops you thinking intellectually and from reasoning. Imagine a human father who could protect his children from certain disaster but only chose the ones that he favoured, and let the rest of them die. He would be prosecuted and sent to prison for his lack of care. And why can Christians give logical explanations to problems when it suits them and then hide behind the Bible and Christ when they cannot work up an argument?

  • HappyGuy


    Yes I have STUDIED the Bible cover to cover over a dozen times. I have read the Bible cover to cover at least 100 times.

    Please address the issue I raised and don't just cut and paste a sermon or stay out of my thread.

  • snowbird

    Now, now, people.

    Let's welcome Ernie Sr. cordially and respect his views.

    He makes some good points and his thoughts are as valid as anyone else's.

    Well, aren't they?


  • cofty
    Let's welcome Ernie Sr. cordially and respect his views.

    May I cordially welcome you Ernie Sr. Now what are you talking about?

    Either the Bible is the Word of God, or we have to come up with our own ideas. We have to conclude that Jesus never even existed! That there is no such thing as truth. And that no one can know what is truth.

    Surely you can see that this is a false dichotomy? How does it follow that if the bible is not the word of god there is no such thing as truth? Please explain.

    As Happyguy says most of us here know the bible very well; in what way has the bible contributed something to the sum total of truth in the world.

  • HappyGuy


    EZ can start his own thread to post his diatribe. This is a TOPICAL forum. People post TOPICS they want to discuss in their thread. I posed the ridiculous stance by some Christains that god had used his spirit to save them from being present when the earthquake happened, and that seemed ridiculous to me because god then could not use this same spirit to help the 100s of thousands who died and/or suffered.

    THAT is what I want to discuss. EZ did not even address that topic.

    So, EZ, if you want to answer the moral question I raise, I am all ears but if you just want to copy and paste sermons do that in your own thread.

  • jaguarbass

    Happy guy: I have read the bible cover to cover 5 times and have read it here and there most of my

    concious life. I struggle with the same questions you have posed.

    I will just post some of my thoughts on this issue, none of them are flameproof or totally water tight.

    In this matter of God and the bible we have two choices to believe or not believe.

    If we dont believe this life is it.

    Whether we believe or not we are all going to die.

    A theme I found in the bible reading it cover to cover 5 times independently and taking notes

    is we are all predestined. We have very little free will.

    If we have faith it came from God

    If we are a good vessel, it is because God made us that way.

    If we are a vessel for corruption or destruction, it is because God made us that way.

    Everything is playing out so God can make his point, his story, history.

    Which at this time is a mystery to all of us.

    I'm thinking your realatives have faith a lot more than you or I, and they may even ask for

    more faith.

    Faith may be a gift from God if you have it.

    If you havent got it its called brain washing.

    Still they are/ were capable of having there brain washed and you and I dont seem to be capable

    of having our brains washed ie developing faith.

    Faith goes along with happiness, peace and contentment.

    Personally, I have very little of those 3, happiness, peace and contentment.

    In the end we all die, some of us have peacefull, happy content journeys.

    And some of us are on white Knucle roller coaster rides from hell.

    I have tried to address my depression and unhappiness, I have researched the net extensivelly and found

    that having faith leads to happiness and contentment, even if we have to delude ourselves.

    We have many compartments in our mind. We have to cultivate and nourish the department of faith

    if we want peace and happiness.

    If you are happy and at peace and you are content my post doesnt apply to you and I am sorry for missposting

    But these are my thoughts on your topic.

    Here is a site, that appears to be secular to me, non religious, that if you study will show the ways to happiness


    Maybe your realitives have a compartment in their brain that contains all the points you made in this post

    but they dont nourish it they dont water it they keep it way in the back with no sunlight and pray and

    hope it dries up and whitheres away.

    I have asked people during my life why they dont think of certain things, things which I have thought

    of, things that are somewhat depressing,

    The people I have asked told me, They cant afford to think that way.

    Your topic is why Christians make no sense to me.

    You are not a Christian,

    Hindus, Budhist, Scientologist probably make little sense to you also.

    Birds of a feather flock together, thats why we are all here

  • beksbks
    If we were to start from scratch, what kind of laws would we have to govern life?

    I am so damn tired of the notion being presented by xtians, that the only reason mankind has any kind of morals or values is because of biblical teaching. That if not for that, it would rape pillage plunder anarchy! Horse patooties! It's human nature. Empathy. We know that cave men helped each other, we know that babies in a nursery will begin to cry if another does. Do you really believe that the world is pouring out it's collective heart over Haiti right now because of learned morals? Nonsense.

    Christians do many good things for people besides preaching the gospel to them. Do you realize how many hospitals, doctors, nurses, and so that Christians provide in times of disaster? They give their money and personal help.

    Do YOU realize how many non christians do the same thing?????

  • HappyGuy


    You just reinforce my premise. Your post is complete nonsense.

    Delusion is a basis for happiness? I guess it could be but I know a lot of happy people who are not deluded by faith in the bible.

    Your premise that only the Bible gives humans any basis for decency, kindness, morals, emptahy, compassion, etc is complete and total nonsense. I have traveled and lived extensively in the third world. I have lived among tribal people who have never heard of the bible or Christ or Christianity who do not have words in their language for hate, steal, hit, fight, argue, lie, etc. These people were loving beyond measure.

    The nicest people I have been around were not members of any organized religion.

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