Will the watchtower or awake print this experience ?

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  • wobble

    This heart warming news story was in yesterdays guardian newspaper :

    " Mohammad Asadujjaman's mother may not have schooled him in the quickest routes through the mean streets of the Big Apple or the best ways to negotiate with its famously plain-speaking inhabitants.

    But she does appear to have imbued the 28-year-old New York taxi driver with an even greater gift: incorruptible honesty.

    On finding that an Italian tourist had left a handbag containing more than $21,000 (£13,000) in cash - not to mention jewellery worth thousands more - on his backseat on Christmas Eve, the Bangladesh-born cabbie knew exactly what to do.

    He rummaged through the bag until he found an address in Long Island. Then he rang a friend with a car and embarked on a 50-mile trip in the hope of handing over his find to someone who knew his fare, 72-year-old Felicia Lettieri from Pompeii. When his knocks at the house belonging to Lettieri's sister, Francesca, went unanswered, Asadujjaman left his mobile number and a note reading: "Don't worry, Felicia … I'll keep it safe."

    A little while later the phone rang and he headed back to the Long Island address to return the bag and keep his word.

    "They were so, so, so happy," said Asadujjaman, a student who began driving a cab about three months ago after his hours were cut back at a factory.

    Felicia Lettieri's absentmindedness had briefly threatened to ruin the family's holiday.

    The bag, which she forgot while she and six other relatives were travelling in two taxis from midtown Manhattan to Penn station on 24 December, also contained some of the group's passports.

    Police advised the tourists they had little chance of recovering the lost goods. Francesca Lettieri said Asadujjaman's honesty had averted disaster. "We really love what he did," she told Newsday.

    The cabbie himself shrugged off the incident, saying he had been taught never to take advantage of people. "My mother is my inspiration," he said. "She always said, be honest and work hard."

    Despite conceding that such a large amount of money would have allowed him to focus on his studies, Asadujjaman insisted he was not tempted to keep it: "My heart said this is not good."

    He also declined the reward the Lettieri family offered him, saying that as an observant Muslim he could not accept it.

    "I'm needy, but I'm not greedy," he said. "It's better to be honest."

    Pure-hearted taxi drivers are not as rare as some might think.

    Two years ago, the Grammy-nominated violinist Philippe Quint left his $4m (£2m) Stradivarius in a New Jersey taxi after flying in to Newark airport at 3am.

    Despite fearing that he would never see his 285-year-old ex-Kiesewetter violin again, Quint was eventually informed by the airport that the driver, Mohammed Khalil, had returned the precious instrument. To show his gratitude, Quint handed Khalil a $100 tip and free tickets to his next Carnegie Hall concert. He also gave a kerbside recital at the airport taxi rank to an audience of 50 cabbies. "

    It reads like the ones of honest JW,s that they love to print,inferring that JW's are uniquely honest, in the interests of fair reporting do you think they will find room for this ?



  • Elsewhere

    There are a lot of stories like this floating around the internet. Each religion plugs in their name so it looks like it was one of their followers who did... whatever.

    I have literally seen the same story several times only with different religions mentioned.

  • SirNose586

    But wait, he's not a JW...how can he be honest????

    Something tells me those WT articles weren't entirely honest with me!

  • cantleave

    I heard this on Radio 4 yesyerday, I wondered how many JW's will be ringing in to see what religion he was.

  • OnTheWayOut

    These are not plugged in stories from a religious group. The first story, I also heard on the radio just one or two days ago. It is fresh. I remember the other one.

    But they will be plugged in stories at some District Convention this year or next.

  • lepermessiah

    But worldly people have no scruples, are all liars and dishonest, and are just out to get each other.

    Where was this, the Weekly World News?

    OTWO has it right - this is what the WT will say.

    "They were so, so, so happy," said the unknown young man, a volunteer who began his full time ministry about three months ago after he quit his high-paying secular job to tell others about the Bible.

    Thanks Wobble that was a nice story.

  • Farkel

    A hundred dollar "tip" for the return of a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR violin?

    What a cheapo bastard.


  • Elsewhere

    > What a cheapo bastard.

    I second that!

  • SixofNine

    Jehovah's Witnesses also don't tell the story of: the dishonest JW janitor, who stole cash from the offices he was cleaning, etc etc.

    In fact, they seldom talk about that sort of thing even as a teaching parable about evil, even when the story comes out in the media - bad news about a JW is treated as if it was too sacred or profane to even cross a faithful person's lips.

    Think about it, they could make up some urban legend about the murderous Kelle Jarka, or the pedophile who is on the run, to say "this is what happens when you allow greed to.... blah blah blah" - but they don't. They try to make it go away. And to a large extent, they are successful, among the JW community.

  • lepermessiah

    Good Points Six of Nine!

    I was thinking along those lines......

    Lets praise our "Loving Brotherhood" for not stealing, being honest at work, etc.....

    But lets completely ignore and sweep under the rug the thousands and thousands of dirt balls in the organization.

    "Well, he doesnt steal, is a hard worker, and quit his job to go to the District Assembly, but he has abused 43 children!"

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