What Haiti has meant to me

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    Dear PSacramento, what a beautiful exercise of honesty from a believer! (I'm more or less at your "level" in reasoning at this stage).

  • PSacramento
    : God Omnipotent? is God ALL powerful? I don't think God is.
    You've reached your conclusion using a False Dilemma fallacy. You've assumed only one possibility for why God does nothing in disasters, to wit, he must not be omnipotent.
    Being omnipotent is mutually exclusive from acting with that power when humans think God should act with that power.
    I'm not asserting God is omnipotent. I'm just pointing out that your conclusion does not necessarily follow from your premise.
    The "make a rock so big he cannot lift it" statement falls into the "immovable object is hit by an irresistible force" category. It proves nothing. It's like saying "Can God kill himself?" He can't? Well then, he's not omnipotent. He can? Well then, he's not immortal. These are loaded questions.

    Thanks Farkel,

    I really didn't assume only ONE answer, I just "vented" what I am feeling at the time.

    I do think that we as humans can indeed "judge" God's omnipotents and this is why:

    If you believe in a creator then the traits we have, they have been instilled in us by God and as such, they are the very traits God has.

    A creation can't be superiour to its creator ( ro can it?) and as such, IF I as a human know right from wrong then God must know this too and on a far superiour scale.

    And IF I as a human know that it is right to help those in need, as the bible and God tell us, then God must know this too, indeed God must know this at a far greater level than I.

    Now, note that I don't think that God should have stopped the earthquake, nope, the original concern is what God doesn't do something to help DIRECTLY since we know that God can and by the very moral standards God gaves us, we know he SHOULD.

  • PSacramento
    Dear PSacramento, what a beautiful exercise of honesty from a believer! (I'm more or less at your "level" in reasoning at this stage).

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I question and try to be honest because I owe God no less than honesty and love.

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  • PSacramento


    Well, Pat certainly thinks he has a point and I am sure that those that believe the same way will agree with him.

    Heck, they MAY be right ! But if they are then God is a God I don't want to know.

    Of the 10's of thousands that have died in Haiti, the innocent children and such have NOTHING to do with "divine retribution", and that goes for what happened to children in the OT too.

    God is NOT a jealous or venegeful God, Love and jealousy and vengence don't mix, even WE know that.

    Regardless of what the OT writers tried to put on God's shoulders, I can't reconcile Jesus's father with the OT desert God that advocated geneocide.

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    Check your PMS PSAC.

  • PSacramento

    Thanks BTS.

    I have a friend that was a peackepper in Haiti in the 90's, it was something over there, that's for sure.

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