Ideas for spinning the change in 'generation' for maximum impact?

by bohm 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • booker-t

    It just makes me feel so sorry for the elderly JW's like my mom who has been a JW's since 1967 and just refuses to see how the soceity has played with their lives. They just accept anything without question. I have been confused on this generation doctrine for years and it is amazing that the witnesses don't speak up about the many changes

  • yknot

    I hear ya bookerT

    Everything they preached and held dear minus the appointment has essentially been admitted to as a lie.

    It really is becoming a case of the Emperor's New Clothing Light ......

    ...... oh what a tangled web they have weaved as they practiced to decieve....

  • goldensky

    What an EXCELLENT chart, Mickey Mouse! I've just emailed it to my openminded JW sister. She'll think it has been prepared by the organization to help the brothers understand the new change and will probably look into it with interest. I feel a bit mean! How I wish this opened her eyes completely (I don't think she's a long way off).

  • goldensky

    LOL, Billy.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    people try to put us down talking about my generation. just because we get around talking about my generation. things they do look awful cold talking about my generation. i hope i die before i get old talking about my generation. this is my generation. why don't you all just fade away talking about my generation. don't try to dig what we all say talking about my generation. I'm not trying to cause a big sensation i'm just talking about my generation.

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