Ideas for spinning the change in 'generation' for maximum impact?

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  • snowbird

    However, since most of the generation of anointed Christians who witnessed the sign of the last days that began in 1914 have passed off the earthly scene, surely today's generation of anointed Christians who overlap the generation of anointed Christians who witnessed the sign will soon be receiving their heavenly reward.

    Therefore, the time left is certainly reduced, brothers.

    With more urgency than ever, let us keep on the watch!


  • sir82
    "We used to believe the generation that saw 1914 would see Armageddon. Now we believe the generation that saw the generation that saw 1914 will see Armageddon. Have I got that right?"


    I've got to try to remember that one.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I would love to see one of these on every Kingdom Hall chair the day this article is studied:

  • OnTheWayOut

    How about "You are worried about my current beliefs and lack of meeting attendance. My former beliefs and meeting attendance overlaps into my current situation, so there is nothing to be concerned about."

  • Sapphy

    issacaustin = "the twinity". That's perfect

  • carla

    On the way out is on a roll today!!

  • OnTheWayOut
    issacaustin = "the twinity".

    Stolen from AndersonInfo: You can call the 1914 anointed "the overlappers." Maybe we could call the Great Tribulation anointed "the overlapped ones."

  • flipper

    BOHM- Good thread. Always good to share prospective tactical moves. A couple people on ULTIMATE REALITY"S initial Generation thread that's blown up to 13 pages now - stated it would be really cool if ALL of us went to ONLY that WT study and all raised our hands and commented in unison that we thought it was a change in the definition of the dictionary use of the word " generation " and it was offensive to us to see the word misused like that- then we'd all stand up and walk out after the comment was made - leaving said witnesses with their mouths hanging open.

    That's ONE option I'm strongly considering doing - because NOBODY knows who I am up here 80 miles from where I used to be a witness. Another option as has been mentioned ( which I'm considering ) is to ask my JW relatives after they have studied it in the WT study- to explain to me what the current view is on " generation " to see if it sunk in or passed over their heads. Then I'd read the dictionary's definition to them - and ask them their response to that. Not in a confrontational way- just to see where their head is at. Then depending on how they answer- proceed from there.

    Steve Hassan mentions in his books that it's good to get a cult member to explain their beliefs verbally because it makes them hear themselves out loud which may enable them paradoxically to see how bizarre the teachings really are - with time. So that's a couple ways I'm considering handling witnesses with this new " strange teaching ". LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • agonus

    Holy crap, I just realized something!

    Could it be that the unusually quickly-replaced "New Light" came about as a result of the WT's last explanation unintentionally matching Generation 2, then changing it again once they (and countless folks on the Internet) figured out it was the same explanation, to save face?

    I mean, is it possible the GB made up the last "new light" COMPLETELY UNAWARE that it matched the 1927 explanation, then changed it in an oh-shit moment when they realized not long after that they'd already used that one?

    Damn, I have to start a new thread!! Thanks scholars!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "Twofer Generation"... I like it!

    Bohm, Since you're new, you might try a naive approach. "So, how often do changes like this happen?" "What do we do with publications that explain the old teaching?" "Should I know this very well, or will this be changed again soon?"

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