So what's in it for the WTS?

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  • nugget

    Its a cult and cult dynamics mean that once in you begin to believe the lie and live the lie. You become so obsessed with gaining approval from the cult that rational thinking is suspended. You look at those at the top, they fall into hard liners who want to preserve the status quo and nice people who lack the ability to influence but stay at the top thinking they can make a difference. This is a high control group. Money and status is a draw after all you can't be much higher then prospective king with Jesus. They are treated like lords, live well and get to play with millions of peoples lives every day. Most people don't get that kind of power trip.

    It's a world within a world each member conditioned over years of indoctrination with the added control element of DFing and shunning. People genuinely believe what they are taught and are kept busy with study, service, meeting attendance and literature so they are never doing enough and constantly are striving to do better. You become so focused to gaining approval within the group few people look around and take time to check what they are learning.

    The best thing about being in a cult is that members will deny they are in one they cannot see it.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The Peter Principle is in full effect in Brooklyn and throughout the borg.

    Most of the dudes at the helm have found themselves inexplicably promoted to WAY beyond their abilities and are just hanging on to the wheel, hoping not to fall off the ship. Fortunately for the GB, they have an entire fleet of lawyers telling them how to run the organization; it's just the goofy doctrinal stuff that the GB has to keep track of.

  • winstonchurchill

    Motivation varies widely. But the WTS s a train in march. Anyone on board is either oblivious to the flaws and sincere, or aware but with motivation to stay: fear, doubts, ego satisfaction, empowerment, money, position, prestige.... you name it. In any case, such people are aware they won't be able to 'stop the train' (and as I said, most don't want it to stop).

    An analogy, for the sake of clarity: What's in it for the Pope? Ratzinger is arguably the most intelectually prepared Pope of the last 200 years. Doesn't he know they are wrong on many levels? The other day he dared sais the truth about the "Three Magician Kings" (i.e. Not three, not Kings, etc.) and a lot of conservative Catholics went mad. This guy HAS to know half their teachings are pagan stuff. But is a 2,000 years train in march. He ain't gonna stop it. Don't expect him to come out any day soon saying "You know, Jesus wasn't born on Dec 25, so let's nix Christmas"; or "Guys, noweer in the Bible it says clergy can't marry, so let's start dating"... It ain't gonna happen.

    To me WTS is pretty much the same: it became mainstream. It won't change. Inertia is the keyword. People who are too vested into the organization won't let it go.

  • tjlibre

    They are big fishes in a little pond…

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    "The program Smith has grown beyond your control"...... This religion is the lie that has to keep going. They aren't gonna come out and say, hey we phukked up. From Microsoft and their XBox to NBC and their Late Night, companies don't admit wrong often, and WTBTS is no different. Imagine the fallout from families of people who died because of blood refusal, or all the years of staying abstinent. There'd be angry baby-carrying mobs out in the streets! The horror.

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  • Heaven

    Remember that a lot of these people did not go to College or University. What better way to make a living with no education?

  • Mythbuster

    Who is beth salim?

  • cantleave
  • cantleave

    Who is beth salim?

    Actually Beth sarim - Rutherfrauds mansion!

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