Something You Hate About The Jehovah's Witness Religion

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  • minimus

    One thing that truly bothers me is that the religion FORCES you to accept an understanding they have expressed. They might very well change their view and you simply have to accept the newest view or YOU are the bad guy! The Generation understanding has changed so much since its inception, how could any Witness possibly be 100% sure that what they're told to believe in is "The Truth"??

    What do you HATE about the JW religion?

  • yknot

    The manipulation

    The lies

    The constant explain-away interpretations and flip flops to make things fit

    The attitude that they are infallible in 'current light'......

    Locally it is the blindfaith and coercive circular talk

  • minimus

    Yknot, very good list!

  • Sapphy

    The idea that the only belief that matters is the belief in the F&DSC.

    I mean if they were to bring out noo lite tomorrow that the trinity is true 7 million JWs would have to switch beliefs instantly or risk DF'in.

  • Farkel

    :Something You Hate About The Jehovah's Witness Religion

    No can do. Simon has limited the length of posts and I'd quickly eat up my quota just as I got started.

    But I can answer your question another way. Here is the ONLY think I LIKE about the JW religion: the laws of the land prevent them from doing to their enemies what they would dearly love to do to their enemies, and they are abiding by those laws.

    So far.


  • Opus92

    Their misguided view on how the whole rest of the world is out to get them.

    "Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!"

  • OnTheWayOut

    I hate that they are really a dangerous mind-control cult. They implant fear in the members and tell them what to think and how to feel and how to totally conform.

  • cameo-d

    I hate the way WT has fucked up people's minds with lies and confusion.

    It leaves permanent scars on people.

  • DoubleVision

    The way they use disasters like Haiti to make a profit

    Same thing with special assembly day's , I think these are just way's to make


  • frankiespeakin

    Governing Body worship

    Organization worship

    Lies and cover ups

    Dumbing down the flock to near brain dead proportions

    The end is always near

    God will kill you if you don't believe

    No blood transfusion even if your life depended on it

    Got to go out in field service or else

    No questioning of the teachings under pain of disfellowshipping

    Judicial Committees were you are judged by a prejudiced group not open to reason

    No tape recorders allowed at Judicial committees meetings in your honor

    5 indoctrination meetings a week

    Higher education frowned apon

    You must turn in wrong doers to elders

    Elders have a right to know your personal business

    The Baptismal questions where you sign your life away to the organization

    You can never do enough for the organization

    Your friends loyal to the JW organization will all ignore you if the Elders tell them to

    Not allowed to express any doubt about WT teachings

    People Giving their life to Bethel service being kicked to the curb when longer needed without any retirement benefits

    Depression that comes from broken dreams in a New System that will never come

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