DOES THE BIBLE really really EXIST?

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  • cameo-d

    Terry: "At that moment in their lives the most important test of intellectual honesty happens.

    How each person goes forward defines their integrity. "

    You said a mouthful! I suppose many of them adopt the rationalizations you outlined. I mean after all, when you consider the time and money invested in schooling....only people with integrity would cut their losses and get out. Not only that, but I suppose many of them look around and see how much $$ is to be made in that field, fundraising being the wit behind it all, and it just looks too lucrative to drop out for the sake of "integrity".

  • dgp

    Very interesting, indeed. If you have more information, I would appreciate it if you posted a link or something.

  • moshe

    Terry said: "-The apologists use one of two methods to make this crisis of proof seem a mere bit of fluff unworthy of consideration. -1.Ridicule" Yes, Terry that was my experience with Paul Blizard. For an ex-JW , he has certainly turned into a dogmatic person/ He seems to relish ridiculing anyone who questions the veracity of his Baptist seminary education. Clergyman hate the book, "The Five Gospels"- that was the one that opened my eyes in 1996. I knew I was on to something when the sales clerk at a Christian bookstore told me they would not be carrying it, "we don't want to stampede the horses", the salesgirl flipantly explained to me. I guess when your livelihood is based on being a believable shill for Jesus, you can't allow any dissent to taint the magic of Jesus. When I show Christians that God allowed three different versions of the sign over Jesus' cross in the Bible and then pose the idea that maybe God didn't inspire the individual words written in the Gospels, it is tantamount to heresy! Burn him at the stake!

  • jamiebowers

    Terry, great to see you around again!

  • garyneal

    Very interesting indeed. I did not know that there were 73 books. I looked at that book, "The Five Gospels" on amazon and read part of it. It's certainly fascinating indeed but amazon would not let me read the whole thing without buying it.

    If you have more information, like a link, I too would like to take a look.

  • quietlyleaving

    exellent reasoning Terry. I especially agree with this

    CHRISTIANITY is not on a firm, mathematical basis of sound, provable substance both tangible and irrefutable.

    The Bible is more often than not used in the above way particularly by religions like Jehovahs Witnesses. But on the other hand I still think the Bible is a rich source of divinity and has the power to outlive human limitations

  • finallysomepride

    No, it's just a figment of everyone's imagination.

    The question really is, does it contain the truth?

    Is it really the word of God?

    Can it be trusted?

    Who really put it together? & why?

    My answer is no, no & no plus imperfect man with hidden agendas & not so hidden agendas.

  • BurnTheShips

    TERRY'S BAAACK!!!!!!

    By the way Terry, you forget to mention that when a book we call the "Bible" was compiled from existing writings, it was still not something most people had access to for well over a thousand years. You need a printing press for cheap dissemination, that would have to wait for a German goldsmith by the name of Gutenberg, and oh, it helps to know how to read also. That's not a luxury most people had in the old days. But good point regardless, the Christians in the early days did not walk around with a copy of the NWT in their briefcase as the be all end all source of their faith.

    All the Christian teachings were oral. That's right: oral. Somebody said this and somebody else said that.

    Not quite. Many of the Christian teachings were oral, and the NT itself makes mention of these oral traditions. But many of the traditions were also written and disseminated. We've got the books that we know call the Bible, but we also have a slew of other writings from the early Church Fathers as written evidence of what they believed. Take for examble, the Didache, the letters of Clement, and others to name a few.

    Christianity pretends there is such a thing as a true Bible. There is not.

    There is a true Bible. It is the list of books from among many that were available that the Church defined as inspired and authorized. These same Scriptures have been preserved, with little change over the centuries. The OT texts, for example, show evidence of extraordinary preservation. The Dead Sea scrolls, when discovered, were many centuries older than the oldest available OT texts. However, they are remarkably similar, with little change.

    As for me, I cherish that Book.


  • PSacramento

    The bible is a book that tells us what people from certain periods thought and believed about God.


    People were insipred to write about God and to write letters to each other about their view of God, just like us here and now on the internet.

    It is not infalliable or innerant ( I think that is that word for error free, yes?)

  • Word

    First Bibles year 331 AD

    In the year 331 AD, six years after the Council of Nicea, Constantine ordered that 50 copies of the bible be prepared at a scriptorium run by Eusebius. Two of the 331 AD fifty bibles have survived. One of them has been kept at the Vatican at least since 1475 AD, when it first appeared on their catalog list. It is called the Codex Vaticanus. In 1844, Constantin von Tischendorf discovered another of the fifty 331 AD bibles in a monastery at Mount Sinai and it is called the Codex Siniaticus.

    The Bible was compiled at the Council of Nicea, to get rid of the false christians.

    BTW Jesus Christ is the living word of God (not the written)

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