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  • dssynergy

    I am not bitter. I feel a lot of compassion for the fact that people feel compelled to be so dogmatic. I see people living their lives out of fear and guilt, and I think that comes from insecurity and not being willing to really face things as they are. I am currently dismantling my personal beliefs, and sorting out what I do or do not think, and I am doing it alone for the most part. I don't feel bitter or angry or resentful. I think the majority of the rank and file have good motives, and are trying to do their best. I do question and have doubt about the motives of the leadership, including the elders. I think if there was more transparency that the changes in doctrine would be better tolerated.

    I'm glad for this thread. I understand people feeling bitter or angry, for a time. But I think that it is not productive to get stuck there. And I do tire of reading threads that are generally disrespectful of people who still are involved with or believe what JW's teach. It is to some degree, still a matter of faith. And if someone chooses that, then we need to practice respect and compassion for them as much as we would like them to do for us.


  • xmkx

    No bitterness. Just sympathy for those who look towards the Society to fulfill them, and a vague kind of puzzlement at the men on the top and how they can lead an organization claiming to be God's spokesman when it's so blatantly clear to them that they are not. Maybe they just don't want to let millions of JWs down? I find it hard to believe that every governing body member in history has been corrupt and just didn't want to lose their creature comforts by exposing themselves. I think many of them have been just as trapped, if not MORE trapped, than the average JW their self. Well, except perhaps Rutherford... :-/

  • wobble

    I cannot believe that any member of the the present GB does not know that they are struggling to hold the whole thing together, therefore they cannot be "God's spirit directed organisation "

    ergo each member of the present GB is corrupt, and a liar.



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