I wonder how long it will be until we hear about JW's helping only JW Haitians

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  • DaCheech

    jw's in haiti don't have insurance policies to hand over to the society

  • aniron

    We've been through several disasters here in Florida, and the JWs have helped everybody, not only their own. Having said that, yes, they do concentrate and start out helping other JWs affected by the problem, but many others do receive the help as well.

    One must understand the resources are limited and the Watchtower does the best they can. Also, at this time of need, the brothers and sisters won't just sit there, they'll start helping themselves and others as well.

    The WTBS has received many praises as having one of the most organized ways to help the needy. I've been on both sides, giving help and receiving help, and I'll tell you, it's wonderful.

    I recall a few years ago a poster on JWD told how in had been having study with JWs.
    A hurricane hit Florida, and the JWs of his congregation decided to get together and go and help, think they were in a state close by.
    This guy thought "Great, Christian faith in action." and he went along with them.
    When they got to the area they had been designated, by Bethel, the FIRST thing they did was repair the Kingdom Hall.
    Then they set about repairing homes of JWS, which I don't t hink was very many.

    After they had finished the guy said "We can now help the other people in the area."
    The JWs said, "No we only help OUR brothers and sisters."
    The guy was shocked and told them in that case they cannot be true Christians as scripture says they should help all who needed it.
    But the JWs packed up and left.
    The guy stayed and helped others to repair homes.

    Also resources are limited because the WT expects JWs going to help, to provide all that is needed.
    We never hear of Bethel loading those big trucks up with food, medical supplies, clothes etc

    The attitude is as one JW told me "They are going to die at Armageddon anyway, so why help."

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  • HappyGuy
    One must understand the resources are limited and the Watchtower does the best they can.

    Resources are limited? The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has a net worth in the hundreds of BILLIONS of $. Their real estate development company in New York city has netted over $2 billion in the past five years alone.

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