Pretend you write the QFR and the answer: Overlapping generation

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  • Farkel

    :Now that we clearly understand that the lives of the anointed who saw the events in 1914 must EVIDENTLY overlap with the lives of the anointed who see the beginning of the great tribulation, what does this mean about the time left?

    "Evidently, it means that we fucked up. Again."


  • snowbird
    Q. How many years are there in a "generation"?
    A. The same as the number of points that can exist on a line of indeterminate length.

    Amen. Still shaking my head over this one. Sylvia

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    This is a letter I imagine I might have written , let's say in 1962.

    Dear Brothers up in Brooklyn,

    It seems to me that the Generation Jesus referred to concerning the last days must mean : 1. Not just the people alive in 1914 but other generations to follow ; 2. The Society should make it clear that when we are out in field service we should explain this in no uncertain manner to all people of goodwill who might be interested in our life saving message.

    Yours Forever, Bro Edmond.

    And the reply might be.

    Dear Brother Dantes,

    Thank you for your recent letter of enquiry. Because this is the 144th letter which you have sent to us upon this subject and because you have voiced your opinion on this matter to various brothers and sisters we find that we have no alternative but to ask your local congregational overseers to take proceedings and enquire as to whether you are following a line of appostasy.

    Of course the Society stands by the fact that Jesus spoke of ONLY ONE generation and it is blindingly obvious if you look at the masthead in the Awake/ Watchtower magazines as to which generation he was refering to.

    In conclusion we urge you to work closely with the local congregational overseers and the other brothers who are on your case. As for your other enquiry regarding the New World Translation . If we did consider that Jesus meant an ," overlapping " generation we would have no hesitation, compunction, call it what you may, but to amend the scriptures, in brackets of course, so that it reads as follows " this generation (ovarlapping) will not pass away ."

    Hey stay alive till 75 !

    With our best interest at heart,

    Your brothers from across the pond.

  • ballistic

    Is this overlapping thing for real?

  • agonus

    You better believe it, friend. Go to and download the April 2010 Study WT. Read it for yourself.

  • Gayle

    I did send a picture of the illustration at:

    to the JW Headquarters as a suggestion to use the picture to explain to their people any confusion regarding their "new light."

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