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  • OnTheWayOut

    I'll write a question and you write an answer suitable for the Questions From Readers.
    Or, heck- change my question to suit your needs like WTS does anyway.

    Here's the question from this reader:

    Now that we clearly understand that the lives of the anointed who saw the events in 1914 must EVIDENTLY overlap with the lives of the anointed who see the beginning of the great tribulation, what does this mean about the time left?

  • minimus

    "Evidently, it means that since the Great Tribulation appears to be imminent, that we should support the Anointed in the very last days of these last days. Evidently, the time left is obviously reduced and it appears that Jehovah's angels are close to allowing the four winds to come upon mankind, evidently."

  • sspo

    Most likely they will send your name to your elders and see what's on your mind!!!!!!!

    If the elders find out you've been thinking too much about doctrines there is a good chance you might be kicked out.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I like it, Min. Could you maybe use "evidently" a wee bit more? The legal dept. is a bit shakey about this.

  • snowbird


    What exactly did Jesus mean by his words at Matthew 24:34?


    Is it not a blessing to dwell among Jehovah's enlightened people?

    As Psalm 97:11 says, "Light shines on the godly, and joy on those whose hearts are right." NLT

    In the past, Jehovah's people understood Jesus' words at Matthew 24:34, "This generation will by no means pass away until all things occur," to apply only to anointed Christians who witnessed the world-shaking events of 1914, the year Jesus was installed in kingly power in the heavens.

    However, due to increasing "light that shines on the godly," an adjustment has been made in that understanding. Jehovah's people have come to realize that "this generation" spoken of by Jesus evidently meant not only anointed Christians who saw the start of the sign in 1914, but also anointed Christians who will witness the start of the Great Tribulation.

    In Matthew chapter 24-25, Luke chapter 21, and Mark chapter 13, Jesus gave a composite sign that would indicate the nearness of that tribulation. That sign is being fulfilled right before our very eyes!

    This lets us know that the time left for this old system of things is even more reduced. Let us, therefore, redouble our efforts to reach worthy ones before that great Day of Wrath arrives!


  • LostGeneration

    Jehovah is the great timekeeper. Everything he does is done in its appointed time. Today, we do well to remember the words of Jesus, when he said not to speculate at to the time of the end “as for the day and the hour, only the Father knows.” Yet, today Jehovah today has appointed a “faithful and discreet slave” and uses this “channel of communication” to reveal advancing light in these critical times.

    Increasing light today has been revealed to the “faithful slave” in that we now know exactly what Jesus was referring to in his comments about “this generation” when speaking to his disciples. Rather than a generation comprising a group of people living at the same time, “this generation” refers to those whose lifespans may overlap at any given time. Thus, we do well to consider the generation of anointed ones living in 1914 when Christ established kingdom power, and the same generation now living today. With this in mind, what should be our viewpoint as to the imminence of the “great day of God the Almighty?”

    Some of Jehovah’s people today may be tempted to speculate that the revealing of this advancing light might mean that Armageddon couild be far off. Such thinking would be shortsighted, and could possible reveal a selfish inclination. After all, adding 80 years from 1914 to another 80 years from 1994 would take us to the year 2074. Surely Jehovah God would not permit this wicked system of things to continue for such a long period of time after the establishment of his heavenly kingdom in 1914!

    A more reasonable timetable for this overlapping generation would be 60 or 70 years as mentioned in the book of Psalms. An anointed one born someone early 20th century would have received his heavenly reward already. Similarly, anointed ones born more toward the middle of the 20th century would still be in faithful service today but could have enjoyed many years serving alongside those who witnessed the birth of God’s Kingdom in 1914. An interesting comparison to the life saving work being done today can be drawn from the example of Noah.

    According to Genesis, Noah preached 120 years before Jehovah brought an end to that wicked system of things through the flood. Will Jehovah permit this system to endure 120 years from the establishment of his Kingdom? We are wise not to speculate on such matters, but instead should continue to look to God’s “faithful slave” to provide us necessary information on surviving these last days.

    Only those who entered into the Ark were saved. Today, Jehovah has built a figurative Ark for us to enter into. Only those who find shelter in Jehovah’s organization today can expect to survive the imminent end of this wicked system. We do well to continue to maintain our sense of urgency by keeping on the watch, showing that we are keeping up with advancing light and following the leadings of holy spirit.

    Okay....I lifted that last sentence almost word for was just too easy

  • OnTheWayOut

    LG, that is scary how your words might be almost word-for-word to the ones they will use. You managed to tie in the 120 years before the flood.

  • snowbird

    LOL at Lost Generation!

    A good one!


  • snowbird

    Lord, have mercy on us.

    When will this all end?


  • Finally-Free

    Q. How many years are there in a "generation"?

    A. The same as the number of points that can exist on a line of indeterminate length.

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