Confused about the current generation teaching? Get your Watchtower Generation chart

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  • Sapphy

    That's brilliant! Thankyou.

  • thetrueone

    The self supporting bullshit by the WTS. in an effort to make them appear valid to the public, continuously evolves as time passes on

    and new people are at the helm of the Watchtower ship.

    In another 10 to 20 years there will a new spin, another juggling act with dates.

    Being that they have the Disfellowshipping policy to shut the mouth of doubters and dissenters,

    at their disposal, they theoretically can continue this doctrinal extension for many more years to come.

    Who knows what they will come up with in the future, perhaps they may eventual drop the 1914 date,

    since its erroneously calculated on the wrong date of ancient Jerusalem's destruction.

    If they were to do that they could extend this generation date by almost 20 years.

  • truthseeker
  • truthseeker

    Does anyone remember that picture in the Live Forever book? It was a black and white image of a calendar and a man gradually getting older in stages with a caption about the generation of 1914.

  • truthseeker

    Sorry about the first image, I deleted it in favor of the better version and now the first link displays that image not found graphic.

  • besty

    great job truthseeker

    was wondering about creating a JW-friendly version?

    maybe change the title to something more 'appropriate' - Jehovah's Witness Guide to The Generation Teaching, A Handy Reference Bringing Together All The Society's Teachings In One Place.

    and lose the Crisis of Conscience Reference

    and maybe cross refer Generation #5 back to Generation #2 as they are the same - maybe superimpose a big arrow right across the page to visually show the regressive nature of the teaching....

    just my 0.02 - but excellent work.....

  • truthseeker


    That's good advice. I will work on a JW friendly Generation Chart.


  • Sapphy

    Yup - Paul's right, if it was titled "Generation Explanation" I'd send it to a few people still in...

  • Quandry

    It's only when all the facts are together on one page that one can see the utter ridiculousness of all the changes.

    I remember reading about the 1995 change and telling my husband, the WT study conductor, that I didn't understand it. I knew it didn't sound right after so many years of their "building confidence" of a peaceful new earth before the generation that was alive and at an age of understanding passed away. I pressed my husband a little bit, then realized inside I actually was afraid to "question" the new light. As the WT was being studied at the KHall, I looked around at the people. No one acted like there was anything new, just parroted the answers. I of course thought that I was the weak, questioning one, and felt the proper guilt.

    We are out together now, but I know if I was still "in" and the 2008 change came, and then the 2010 "new light," I would think that would be enough. I think many are going to tire of the "revolving door" of generation changes.

    Thanks for the chart.....

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Great chart! Marking.


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