Is there a true religion????????

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  • agonus

    There was a story written by Ray Bradbury many years ago - can't remember the name of it, it was in his Illustrated Man anthology. In the story, everybody in the world woke up one morning and started talking to each other about a dream they had, and it turned out everybody everywhere had the same dream. It was about The End. The End of what? Time? Space? Humanity? It was never really spelled out, but somehow everybody just KNEW, like a book that was on the last page, about to be closed, that that day would be their last. The funny thing was, nobody did anything particularly exceptional - they just sort of peacefully accepted it and were a little bit more loving to each other that day. I would not be at all surprised if the End Times (whatever they may be) play out in such a fashion.

    But who knows? Perhaps Tolkien was right. Maybe we just wake up one day in Rivendell with Sam, Frodo and the gang, and all is well, and the chosen really do get to venture to the Undying Lands while the rest of us just go back to our homes and live happily ever after.

    Shame that the WT looks down upon the Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially the last one. Their depiction of the End of All Things is actually quite moving and believable and could be faith-strengthening in its own way. Especially since the WT is so vague about just what the hell is actually going to happen at Armageddon. They just tell us to shut up and believe, Big J will take care of it and details aren't important.

    Although we do occasionally get some cringe-inducing fanfic from JWs about Armageddon, always prominently featuring JWs rejoicing over the death of all the Satanic Evil Non JWs and happily moving into the beautiful homes of those who were just struck down by their loving god...

  • nicolaou

    Interesting how that infamous phrase - "Religion is a snare and a racket" - came about. The following is culled from Albert Schroeder's life story;

    *** w88 3/1 pp. 13-14 My Life in Jehovah’s Spirit-Directed Organization ***

    Brother Rutherford Visits

    In 1938, the year before the outbreak of World War II, the British had developed transoceanic radio-telephone transmission. Their engineers agreed to tie in four continents for a special convention centered in London, September 9 to 11. The Royal Albert Hall, the largest suitable place in London, was engaged for the convention. Brother Rutherford’s group, including Nathan Knorr, arrived three weeks early to aid with preparations.

    To advertise the public talk, sandwich-sign parades were organized. Before the first information march was due to take place, Brother Rutherford asked to see me. While we were discussing convention matters, he was doodling with his pen, which at times he did when talking with someone. He peeled from a pad what he had written and handed it to me. “What do you think of that?” he asked.


    “It looks blazing hot,” I replied. “I meant it to be strong,” he said. He then instructed that placards with this wording be made in time for our first convention information march Wednesday evening. The next night Nathan Knorr and I led the march of about a thousand brothers for six miles [10 km] through the center of London.

    Brother Rutherford called me to his office the next morning and asked for a report. “Many called us communists and atheists and made other hostile remarks,” I said. So he thought for a few minutes and finally peeled off a sheet with the suggested slogan “SERVE GOD AND CHRIST THE KING.” He thought that interspersing signs with these words might neutralize the catcall reaction, which it did.

    I think we need to get the T-shirts printed . . .

  • shamus100


    There truly are religions out there.


    I don't think there is any true religion, no. I don't even believe in God, though.

  • agonus

    Irony of ironies that the story of the origin of The Judge's famous quote is entitled "My Life in Jehovah’s Spirit-Directed Organization".

    Blackwhite bellyfeel duckspeak.

  • agonus

    Oh, and don't forget doublethink.

    -Apologies to George Orwell

  • cantleave

    I don't think you need to have an organised structure to exhibit your spiritual side. Religion all too quickly becomes a vehicle for the ambitious to take control of people's lives.

  • wobble

    We need to define our terms here, what is a " false" religion ?

    One that does not teach absolute truth ?then who is going to define absolute truth, indeed as Pilate wisely said "What is truth?", and Jesus did not answer (could not ?)

    I will be bold, there is no True religion, however you define any of the terms.



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    zombie dub


  • teel

    This thought just occured to me: the jews were God's chosen people up until 70AD, right? Ok... but which group? The Pharisees? The Sadducees? Or other group? Funny that Jesus never said anything about that... although these two groups were opposite in many teachings. It's almost like... *gasp* all jews were God's chosen people, regardless of their doctrine.

    This goes to show me that the whole arguments about God's real nature, the existance of a soul, Paradise on Earth and whatnot are just distractions from the real worship of God. He doesn't need the help of men telling others how to live, He gave us the Bible, that's all anyone needs.

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