Is there a true religion????????

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  • dssynergy

    Saw a great bumper sticker today: Jesus wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts!

  • oldflame

    Where does it say in the scriptures that there is a true religion ? I'll tell you ! NO WHERE !

    Jesus clearly said "One Faith" "One Baptism" One faith not one religion ! Religion is something created by man who is made to err Faith is created by the Holy Spirit of God and that there is no false. So I say go to where you feel comfortable after all church does not save us Jesus does !

  • JimmyPage

    Season 4 of South Park revealed the correct answer is Mormon.

  • trueblue

    This video may seem to be changing the subject, but maybe not if you think about it: "How does the evil forces control religeon" being all religious org's are false

    Could look at it how to control religeon and polotics

  • designs

    Follow the Golden Rule.

    You'll help a lot of people in your life's journey and feel pretty good about yourself along the way.

  • trueblue
  • Farkel

    :s there a true religion????????

    Of course there is. It's the one YOU believe. After all, you wouldn't be dumb enough to believe in a religion that isn't true.


  • fluke

    The fact remains that Religion and Spirituality are two seperate things...

    A religion can only be used as dogmatic intsruction and a device to control the masses...

    A personal Spirituality can only really set you free from dogma and allow you to see yourself or what ever you want in new eyes and meaning...

    But I geuss I am biased being as I have found spirituality by shedding religion... :)

  • leec

    A religion is just a group of people organized around beliefs in God/gods. Is there a 'true' political party? Is there a 'true' social club? Is there a 'true' tradition? Is there a 'true' ethnicity? Is there a 'true' country? Is there a 'true' species? Is there a 'true' brand of automobile?

    Come on ... all you black & white thinkers. Just because your family was in the habit of driving Peugeots and they all turned out to be piles of junk, you would now refuse all forms of mechanical transportation. Walk, then.

    ... oh but if it helps, I'm now out of posts again for a while ;)

  • ScottyRex

    Try the Jehovah's Witnesses.........I heard they're onto something......

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