Terribly Disappointed

by heybaby 26 Replies latest jw experiences

  • heybaby

    AudeSapere: To your credit, I thank you for presenting your thoughts in a respectful way. That's more than most people have done. You seem like a quality person; that's something many people can't claim.

  • quietlyleaving

    heybaby I didn't see the thread that got pulled so won't comment on that. But I hope you stay and can put it behind you. I too have often been horrified on here. I guess its because in a way we are the "resistance" and any unusual moves newbies make are questioned until everyone is satisfied that you are 100% which of course no one is and in our hearts we all know that

  • cantleave

    heybaby - there are some great people on here, there are also some idiots. But believe me the idiots are by for the minority. The great thing about any e-forum is you can ignore the people you want too. Most people ignore me but hey - I don't care. Enjoy your stay.

  • asilentone

    quietlyleaving, cantleave, you both have PM.

  • cattails

    Heybaby, I too felt that way, as you can see there are some people who have issues (ehem Farkel and Outlaw) judging from their posts above.

    Some people are just not the sort that treat others in a nice way, maybe their mom beat them when they were little too many times.

    Who knows? But they have no reason to be mean to others. Mean people suck as the saying goes. You bet they'll take note, I don't care.

    You hang in there and do what's best for you. I appreciated your post and I agree whole heartedly.

  • isaacaustin

    I think Heybaby has been thru enough here. She made a mistake, a presumption, reacted quickly and I am sure she wishes she handled this differently. She has also apologized. I really think this should drop. Her posting history does not show a track record of this.

  • Angharad
    I really think this should drop.

    Yes agreed. This was a misunderstanding and we don't need it be continued across multiple threads with people demanding apologies etc

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