The serpent (Pat Robertson) speaks!

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  • donny

    I heard a comment on the radio today that is so true. "There is not a tragedy that Pat Robertson cannot resist to make worse."

  • sir82
    Whatever you believe about the Pat and the 700 Club, rest assured they not only will be supporting Haiti with their prayers but likely with financial and physical aid.

    So it's perfectly fine to blame victims for things out of their control, so long as you send them money and pray for them?

    I must have that page of my Bible missing.....

  • Chalam

    So it's perfectly fine to blame victims for things out of their control

    I watched the clip again and Pat clear does not blame the victims

    He merely talks about what happened in their country 200 years ago.



  • snowbird

    Down here we have a saying about switching from one bad situation to another: "Swapping the Devil for the witch."

    Mr. Robertson seems to be saying the Haitians reversed things.

    I wonder into what kind of pact the countries devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 entered?


  • PSacramento

    Earthquakes are a natural and nescessary events, the tragedy is NOT the earthquakes happen or Tsunamis or hurricanes, but that people get hurt and killed because of them.

    And that Pat opens his mouth without thinking.

    Natural "disaters" are just that, natural. They happen to be disaters when people and things get destroyed.

    When was the last time you hear a earthquakes that destroyed nothing and killed no one called a "disaster" ?

    I am sure that the 700 club will send money and aid, at least that would eb the christian thing to do, but Pat should really get a grip on what it means to be a christian.

  • VIII

    Pat Robertson is to Bapistist Christianity what a radical Muslim terrorist bomber is to Islam. Some of either faith might agree with the message, but, few will publically say it. Also, the number of radicals to non-radicals in either faith is small.

    Then again, there are a few million JWs who believe the radical message of hate that the JWs preach door-to-door every week. You remember, the message that billions of people are Satan's crew and will be slaughtered at Armageddon? They don't make the news, yet, they preach vile crap every week and many of us have family still in it. Are you vilifying them?

    And all of you were a part of it. (Easy to forget, hmm? *I* don't, every time I talk to my Mom I get a knot in my stomach and wonder if she'll grill me on when I'm coming back)

    I think Pat is a loon and does not represent mainstream Baptist Christianity any more than the Fort Hood Bomber or the Underwear Bomber represent Islam. Unfortuantely there will be people backing up loons of either faith.

  • VIII

    BTW, will the JWs be down there giving aid to anyone other than the JWs? Will they be putting together an aid hotline or anything resembling a way to help the people of Haiti, not just the Brothers and Sisters at the KH?

    Of course not.

    At least sickening Pat Robertson will get his congregation together and give some cash to the Haitians. A TV show and Mega-Church have advantages.

    The JWs will give ZERO.

  • villabolo

    PSacramento: "And that Pat opens his mouth without thinking."

    Actually what Pat says is the result of what he's been thinking. His problem is that he opens his mouth without censoring the vile thoughts he has. I'm glad those hideous thoughts come out of his mouth otherwise he would be disguising his true self.


  • littlebird

    I watched the clip again and Pat clear does not blame the victims

    He merely talks about what happened in their country 200 years ago.

    With respect to you Stephen, it wasn't appropriate for him to bring it up at all.

    It implies to the viewer that because of this pact, either God did this to them out of wrath, or the Devil did it to them. The fact is that earthquakes are a part of nature and sometimes we are unfortunately in the way. I don't doubt that they will send relief to the area, but his implication of blame is unproductive and untrue, the focus should be to help these people, physically, emotionally & spiritually, not on anything else.


  • PSacramento

    Someone should give Pat a swift kick to the prostate !


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