The serpent (Pat Robertson) speaks!

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Pat Robertson Blames Haiti Earthquake on Pact with the Devil

    "True story," Pat said. Strangely, he failed to cite any references.


    How is it,all these Good Christians..

    Know soooooooooooooo much about the Devil?..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • shamus100


    Such a moron.

  • Pistoff

    Wow, so God punishes the descendants of those who he thinks made this deal?

    That is one pathetic, late to the party God. And what about the Devil? Couln't he have made a deal for a better country?!

    Pat Robertson is no different from the imams, IMHO.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Because I found this very difficult to wrap my head around, I did a bit of arcane googling. (WARNING! Don't try this at home!)

    Here's a wee bit o' what I found:

    Have you ever heard how some preachers or theologians try to explain the unspeakable misery that is crippling most of Haiti's population of 8 million? Everywhere you go, from your television screen to the Internet, what you are most likely to find is a reference to a spiritual pact that the fathers of the nation supposedly made with the devil to help them win their freedom from France. As a result of that satanic alliance, as they put it, God has placed a curse on the country some time around its birth3, and that divine burden has made it virtually impossible for the vast majority of Haitians to live in peace and prosperity in their land. Surprising, right?

    The satanic pact allegedly took place at Bois-Caïman near Cap-Haïtien on August 14, 1791 during a meeting organized by several slave leaders, under [Dutty] Boukman's leadership, before launching what would become Haiti's Independence War. This brutal period lasted 13 years until the last survivors of the French expeditionary forces, dispatched to Saint-Domingue with the sole purpose to re-establish slavery, were allowed by Dessalines to leave the island and return to Napoleon. Those who made it safely to France wrote and reported about the utmost bravery and supreme courage of Haiti's indigenous army.

    see more here:

    With the help of the Internet Archives "wayback machine" I was able to find the following article:

    New Beginnings 2004

    2004 will be the official ending of the 200 year pact known as the Boukman Contract. (See below for more details.) Made by a slave named Boukman, who was considered to be a great witchdoctor, the contract surrendered the Haitian people to spiritual slavery through a voodoo ceremony, in exchange for their physical freedom. On the night of August 14, 1791 the sacrifice was made and the contract agreed to. However, it wouldn't be until January 1, 1804 that Haiti was recognized as the first independent black nation in the world.

    With Haiti's 200 year celebration of independence in 2004 just around the corner, we must be prepared for this upcoming season of opportunity lest yet another generation of Haitian's be lost!

    Already we are coming into contact with other ministries seeking to work in unity towards this coming era in Haiti's history. Divine appointments are happening, such as what happened as I arrived at the Port-au-Prince airport to catch a plane to attend a conference.

    While waiting in line I noticed a fellow leader, Dr. J.L. Williams, Director of New Direction Ministries. We were both shocked to see each other, but immediately J.L. said; "I was just talking about you to another Haitian leader."

    As we waited for the call to board our plane I began to share with J.L. about New Beginnings 2004. He had not heard the whole story behind it. Soon our flight was called and would you believe it, we found ourselves sitting together on the plane where we continued our conversation all the way to Miami. Even now we are in communication as he is rallying his contacts.

    I believe that Haiti will have a "New Beginning" in 2004. Please join me in prayer as YWAM continues networking efforts to unite churches throughout the nation. We dare not miss this opportunity to see Haiti liberated spiritually!

    Taking the High Places for Christ!

    Terry W. Snow
    National Director


    A Brief History: Boukman - A Spiritual Battle

    If all one ever sees is the news coverage of Haiti, it seems that chaos and injustice reign in Haiti. I am frequently asked how Haiti has come to be like this, and I usually answer by talking about Haiti's history. I'd like to share with you an important story from Haiti's past that will help to shed some light on the current state of Haiti.

    Haiti became a French colony in 1697, although at that time it was known as Saint-Dominque. Because of the climate and fertile soil it was a great place for growing sugar cane, but growing and harvesting cane is extremely labor intensive so slaves were imported from Africa. By the late 1700's there were 500,000 black slaves, about 30,000 affranchis (these were people of mixed blood or the rare black slave who had been given or purchased his own freedom), and only 26,000 whites.

    How those few whites kept so many slaves in subjection is central to this story. First, many of the slaves were treated with almost unspeakable brutality. The intention was to keep them too afraid to ever resist. Second, the slaves were brought from different tribes in Africa, many of them enemies. By keeping a mixture of these different tribes and by encouraging mistrust, envy, and bitterness among the slaves, the owners kept the slaves from becoming unified. One Jamaican slave owner even taught lessons on how to do these things, saying that if the slave owners followed his instructions carefully they would be able to keep the slaves in subjection for many generations to come.

    Before the year 1789 a man named Boukman came onto the scene. Many legends surround him and to this day his name carries an almost mythological quality in Haiti. To be sure, he was real, although no one is absolutely certain about all the details of his life. Some say he was born in Jamaica, but there seems to be more evidence that he was born in Africa and came to the New World as a slave. However, we can be certain about some things.

    At some point Boukman escaped into the mountains of Haiti, where he began gathering to himself many other escaped slaves. He was a hougan (witch-doctor) of great knowledge and skill. His knowledge of the ancient African traditions connected the slaves with an almost forgotten past. He was also an enormous and powerful man. Because of these qualities he was looked upon as a natural leader.

    As these escaped slaves gathered around him, Boukman began to realize that, while they came from different tribes in Africa, it seemed that they all worshipped common spirits. They called the spirits by many different names, but those spirits shared common qualities and traits. It was Boukman who discovered the idea that would unify all of these slaves-their spirit worship. Called by many names in Africa, in Haiti this spirit worship came to be known as Voudou, or Vodun. In English it is commonly called Voodoo.

    As slaves came to Haiti they learned the Creole language, a mixture primarily of Norman French and African grammatical structure. Add to that common language a common "faith" and Boukman now had the necessary ingredients to unify the slaves.

    On the night of August 14, 1791, the slaves sealed that unity in a ceremony held in the woods at Bois Caiman, not too far from Cap-Haitien. A pig was slaughtered, and all of those present drank of the blood of that pig and together pledged 200 years of service to the spirits of the island in exchange for victory over the French. An iron statue of a pig sits in Port-au-Prince to commemorate that event.

    On the night of Aug. 22, they began a war by setting the entire Northern Plain on fire, and hunting down and taking vengeance on the plantation owners. Years of battles followed-against France, Spain, and even England-but in the end they got their victory, proclaiming independence on Jan. 1, 1804. As a nation, they have been mostly faithful to their deal with the devil. And in exchange, the spirits have given them nearly 200 years of turbulent and often miserable history.

    "...our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12

    The information above was compiled by Brian Shipley

  • donny

    I normally avoid name calling as it takes away from the point one is trying to make, but WHAT A JACKASS!!!!


  • Marvin Shilmer
  • cameo-d

    "It could be a blessing in disguise...there could be a massive rebuilding opportunity"... says Pat Robertson

    I bet any money contributed to these religious organizations will go toward putting up their buildings in Haiti and nothing to really help the people. They will go in to take the opportunity to buy up land cheap and set up their dominionist agenda over the people. The only thing they will do to "help" people is offer to pay for their organs when they die....but that offer will probably only be for those who are near death.

    This man is not only a vile, evil, lying creature but he is insane. If he did not have such a pile of money from swindling the weak minded, I guarantee you he would be locked up in a mental institution somewhere.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas it seems there is no physical documentation of this Satanic Pact. No signature, no video, no audio. Just a bunch of slaves fighting for their freedom. People find it difficult to believe that a bunch of upitty angry slaves could sucessfully overthrow their French masters without "diabolical" help, which suggest that the slaveholders had Divine approval on their slaveholding.

    I don't find this mysterious or diabolical at all.

    "De oppresso liber"

  • dinah

    Didn't he make similar comments about AIDS and Hurricane Katrina? I remember some preacher saying Katrina was Gawd's Judgement on New Orleans

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