Question for JW - Why do you have a "secret" WT edition?

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  • booby
  • booby

    Or this takes you to the digital download

  • Mythbuster
    Or this takes you to the digital download

    Yeah, I posted that on the other thread.

  • Borgia

    That's why the the public AW/WT and the private WT issue have exactly the same opinions. .....



  • winstonchurchill

    1) Not secret: Those non-JW attending sundays get a copy. You can dowload it @

    2) JW's ca't keep anything secret. No publication has been 'protected' as much as ks91 (Elder's handbook), and the thing is all over the internet.

    3) The 'two-issues' thing has nothing to do with secrecy, or better serving, or all that bull crap they said: its about COST. They used to print 30 millions of copies of 24 issues a year, and nobody was buying. With the new scheme, they print only 7 or 8 millions of the 'study edition'. That's a reduction of roughly 35% with the consequential savings (less trasnportation, less storage space, etc.)
    It was a corporate decision, not a spiritual one.

  • goldensky

    Hello, Winstonchurchill! Long time no see!

  • OnTheWayOut

    All they really did with the "members only" mags was find a way to reduce publication of the mags and make the members feel special by the way they did it. They are saving ink and paper (and money).

    The single monthly public WT matches the single public Awake, they place as a set. Most mags sit in the trunk of the JW's or line the birdcage of the "householder." The study articles mags can be printed in way smaller numbers. Since they are now available online for download and print, I would expect the WTS to make it harder to get "extra" member mags and more people will pay to print their own.

  • LatinxJW

    Trust me we know it's not a spritual one

  • winstonchurchill

    Hello, Golden!

  • hamsterbait

    "He is in the inner rooms"

    This scripture will have special significance for a newbie getting the rag for the first time.


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