Question for JW - Why do you have a "secret" WT edition?

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Recently I asked my wife: If our son one day comes home and says "Well, I just joined new religion, we study a publication there, that Iam not allowed to show anybody..." How would you feel? Does it sound like a cult?

    Wife admitted: That would be scarry....

    Me: So why do JW have secret WT edition to study, that noone else is supposed to get?

    Wife: Because its so deep, people wouldnt understand it....

    Me: Well, maybe some wouldnt understand it, but many scholars would like to study it without visiting meetings... Why you cannot give it to them?

    Wife: I dont actually know....

    MY IDEA: Ask your JW same question. If you are offered WT on the street, reject the public issue and ask for the "secret" study edition. Grill them to explain you, why they are not allowed to give it to you.... Do they hide something? Do they think you are to stupid to understand their wisdom?


  • blondie

    For at least 90 years the WTS was "placing" these special magazines with the ignorant general public. Did the public suddenly get stupider?

  • littlerockguy

    They used to even offer the Babylon the Great book and Finished Mystery and those other "deep" books on the prophecys of Daniel and other prophets out to the public also, lol.


    For at least 90 years the WTS was "placing" these special magazines with the ignorant general public.
    Did the public suddenly get stupider?..

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    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • dig692

    Because if they gave the public the study edition of the WT that spell out all the restrictions that they have and point out how all those "wordly" people are lovers of Satan and not God, they wouldn't be able to sucker people into their kingdumb halls.

    Take for example the recent wt that stated that married couples should not embrace each other during prayer and should only hold hands discreetly...if I were a householder and read that I would be like wtf?? You people are a cult!

  • 5thGeneration

    The "secret" WT edition is now available online is it not?

    End of conspiracy.

  • booby

    and all the people that they push the public edition on are cognizant of the fact of the download site, right 5thGeneration. I would agree that there is no reason to think of the study edition as being full of sinister "stuff", however this procedure makes the cultish part of their teaching less likely to be seen by joe public. You can rest assured that there are reasons that they changed the way that they handle this that goes beyond just the money saved with less printing costs. It's the same as saying that just because there is lots of porn on the web everyone knows it's there and looks at it. Oops. Probably a bad example.

  • 5thGeneration

    The point is that it IS available for anyone to read so thus not "secret".

    Just like the Government has information on websites that aren't delivered to the masses.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    5th - is it really available online???

    Where is it?


  • booby

    Ok, you are one hundred percent correct in saying that it is not "secret". However just because Albert used the wrong word does not in any way negate the point he was making, at least to my way of thinking. It is the same principle as what they teach a "brand new" study, leaving the harder hitting stuff til later on.

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