That doesn't sound cultish at all...

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse


    "This is an unofficial group for fans of the Watchtower. Keep all comments upbuilding and encouraging please. No debates or questionings or criticisms are allowed. Violators will be removed."

  • straightshooter

    The congregation my spouse goes to have banned the use of facebook accounts. They said that they will be actively searching for publishers who are not following their directions.

  • DoubleVision



    Jehovah`s Witness`s are a Cult so Fragile..

    The slightest negative comment..

    Will crumble thier faith and destroy Watchtower World..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • cantleave
  • goldensky

    This may sound stupid, but I've just heard the song and my heart was touched by it (It probably had a very different effect on most of you). Those beautiful memories are still too recent, I suppose... And I held that hope for so long... How I loved and trusted Jehovah! How much His friendship meant to me!...

  • watson

    That facebook page is an amazing read.

  • palmtree67

    I agree, watson. Notice they are only concerned for the "brothers". I guess everyone else was gonna die at the the big A, anyways, so who cares about them.....

  • thetrueone

    This was pulled off a JW Facebook site , you'll notice that they person first talks about the worldly government buildings collapsing

    and the worldly bishop dieing, then she insinuates that all JWS are safe and haven't perished in the event like she knows everything that has happened there.

    Its interesting how a statement such as this , carries so much apathetic bullshit but to the eyes and ears of a JWS their words of spiritual

    strength and righteousness for the organization.

    Bible prophecy has been fulfilled by events like these...........praise Jah everyone.

    The Palace, the hospital, the UN mission,the Parliamentary bldg destroyed, the roman catholic bishop destroyed or dead.......and read below......our Bethel brothers are safe. Lets pray the rest of the brothers and sisters were also under Jehovah ... s protective wing..tucked into the breast pocket. If these messages get thru to Haiti or the D.R. and Cuba please know all of us around the world love you and are praying for your safe keeping. May Jehovah be with you. Weather in your home or in the protection of the rock crag. We truly love you all. FYI California and Hawaii are suiting up rescue workers to fly immediately into the area.

  • watson

    The host quoted a couple of scriptures and applied them to "earthquakes," and the Russian situation. OH boy, destruction is near!!

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