The Assembly Experiences - Standard Format

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  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    I'd say that's spot-on, SD-7.

    Here's my authentic district convention inverview and, regarding the legitimacy of what is said during interviews, I can confidently say that nothing in this interview was fake:

  • cantleave

    all over the above video clip

  • leec

    I tried ... but I could not watch that past about halfway through.

    And the MC guy's voice just reminds me too much of the MC voice on the Intro track of 3 Feet High & Rising

  • agonus

    I'd love to hear some uplifting experiences about the Bethel layoffs...

  • agonus

    And don't forget, for every moving JW-child-in-peril-from-evil-blood-transfusion-who-miraculously-pulled-through there's a JW who not-so-miraculously, er, died...

  • WTWizard

    I have heard this kind of experiences too often. Usually, they are embellished. In these situations, what the pio-sneer will not tell you is that he is always earning significantly less than before. Which means his Social Security check is going to be quite wimpy when he finally has to retire. Also, I don't see how working two less days is going to help pay for wasting extra gas and automobile wear and tear from the extra field circus.

    Good thing I am not pio-sneering. Nor am I going to cut back on secular work just so I can do more field circus. As much of a stagnation trap my secular work is, field circus is much worse.

  • SnakesInTheTower
    but I could not watch that past about halfway through

    0:33...that's all I could take..never made it to the interview... the "convention" cadence of the speaker about made me hurl...

    ....Snakes (Rich )

  • AnnOMaly

    Am I right, or am I wrong?

    You forgot to throw in a disability or long-term health problem

  • sd-7

    Very true, Ann--this is Standard Format #1, I suppose.


  • Letts Party
    Letts Party

    oh my god!! this made me crack up so hard!!! love it! lol

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