How Did You Know The One You're With Was "The One" ?

by palmtree67 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • lola28

    I think I realized how much I loved him when he took it upon himself to learn Spanish for me, and when he sent me a t-shirt that smelled like him when he was gone, or maybe it was when he tried to rap a song for me to make me feel better, he does the best rendition of "Milkshake",lol.

  • Robdar

    With my first husband I got a strong gut feeling on our first date he was going to ask me to marry him. He was cute and funny and so I figured in my 18 year old heart I would say yes.

    I dreamed about my second husband 8 months before I met him. I married him because of the dream.

    I honestly believe I have never been in love. I've been in heat and I certainly had passion for my husbands. Still, at the time, they were "the one", or in this case, "the two."

  • restrangled

    Palm tree, congrats on your upcoming marriage. Best wishes for a new life together! I am so happy for you.

    My story is the reverse. My man gave up his long time girlfriend, and others, for a friend, (me). Too private to post here.

    Again best wishes for a happy life together! (we just had our 30th anniversary this fall) the way, after a couple of weeks, I knew he was my man for life. We raised two gorgeous sons, and now are alone together again, still best friends and enjoying our time together. We've had some real ups and downs,...the stress of life tests us all big time. The important thing is to appreciate your love for a life time.


  • zoiks

    The moment she walked up to me and demanded to know who I was, I knew.

    Every single day, I am reminded that she is the only one.

  • palmtree67

    restrangled: "The important thing is to appreciate your love for a life time."

    So true. That, in a nutshell, is why my first marriage failed. He had (still has ) a very low opinion of women and didn't ( still doesn't ) value anything that women usually do.

    This marriage is more like a partnership.

    Every time and I mean EVERY time I cook supper, he says thank you to me.

  • xmkx

    What made my husband stand out from the other men I had dated was that he understood me and loved me for everything that I was - faults and all - no attempts to make me out to be someone else or someone "better". I could talk to him about anything and not only was he accepting of what I said but a lot of times he could relate to me as well. I gave him love and I felt that love was returned in like manner. We also share a lot of the same personality traits/values such as being philosophical, intellectual, humanitarian, etc. Of course it helps that he has a silly sense of humor and the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen a person have. ;) I cannot imagine having a more perfect partner than him... he is the kind of guy I always dreamed of marrying.

  • restrangled

    Palm tree you mentioned:

    Every time and I mean EVERY time I cook supper, he says thank you to me.

    That is what my husband does too. On the weekends he is treated to a huge breakfast. He never, ever does not say thank you at least twice, and always calls before he comes home and asks, If you didn't cook, and need a night off, I will pick up something for the 2 of us.

    Who would'nt adore a man like that!!!!! I cook most nights, but sometimes, I really get sick of it and I can count on my wonderful man to understand.


  • megaflower

    I just knew. He just had that something special and it been that way for nearly 30 years now. I knew for sure he was a keeper when I saw how he and his brothers treated their mother. There was love and respect. He always puts others first.

  • dissed

    I had to share this with my wife first and make sure we got this right.

    The feeling was good right from the start but had to wait because her room mate had eyes for me first, and she didn't want to intrude on her room mate.

    Once we spent time together, we became best friends, and it confirmed what we both initially felt.

    The JW way with chaperones really hurt to get to know each other sooner. How can you get to know someone with others watching your every move?

    It was only when our chaperones failed to show for a dinner engagement that we actually had some privacy other than the telephone.

    We've been together for 33 years and still have a blast doing things with each other. Especially since dumping the WT stuff. It was so restrictive for married couples who are trying to have a genuine relationship.

  • palmtree67

    Awwww.....I love ALL your stories!!!! So sweet!!

    I hope this thread doesn't get locked if I tell this, but in my first marriage, my husband DID NOT want me touching him in bed in the night. I mean the kind of touching where you accidently brush up against the other person or your foot touches their know. So I spent 20+ years only half-sleeping on the very edge of the bed, so I didn't bother him in the night.

    With my man now, one of the things he does that makes me LOVE him, is every morning when we wake up, he reaches over, pulls me across the bed to his side and cuddles me until its time to wake up. I wake up smiling every morning......

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