Help! Holy Spirit is Sucking me back in!

by BloominMarvellous 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • yknot

    Paul....your are in my prayers and on two church prayer lists too!

    Time for yall both to think about what hobbies and pursuits you didn't allow yourself to consider.........

    We are all social creatures.........

    Life has to be lived.........nobody ever got anywhere by staying at home......(volunteer, join a class, visit another church)

  • cantleave

    If you go back, don't give em a penny.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    remember something important you did not leave the " the truth" you left the lie to return will bring it all back again you might feel worse than you do now. its ok not to have all the answers. i wish i knew what the truth was I search everyday for answers. maybe i'll find them maybe i won't .I'm not giving up looking for truth and you shouldn't either. take care of yourself find something to get interested in and each day you wake up have a fresh start new ideas new plans.

  • dissed

    When you left, you not only left the JW social system, but the daily control of your life. Some feel they need that discipline or control of a group that they give.

    First, replace the social loss with a new and better one. That's the easiest part. But it will help you deal better with the other one, and buy you time as you learn how to build a stable life on your own.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    Ynot, just knowing that makes me feel stronger already.

  • Highlander

    Some people need to belong to a cult. Maybe you are that type of person. The type that enjoys being told how to behave, think, and feel.

    Go back if you want, no one is stopping you.

  • nugget

    I think as has already been suggested your problem is a psychological one. You really need to discuss your concerns with an unbiased professional who can help you. Until you are comfortable in your own skin and know what you want out of life it would be a mistake to rejoin an organisation hoping they will provide a support structure for you. If they disappoint you and fail to live up to your expectations you will have added to your problems.

  • Cthulhu

    I've been out for a while, but every once in a while I get to thinking "oh shit! what if they were right?" I call them phantom beliefs. A friend of mine, who is also an ex dub told me he went through the same thing for a year or more. He used to believe the demons were after him. Now that he's out he worries about people trying to break into his house. It's all about state of mind. It doesn't leave you quickly. Hang in there. The fairy tale bull shit will pass.

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