What's the logic behind 'Quick-build' KHs?

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  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    Do they really HAVE to build KHs in 2 days?

    How safe are those KHs?

  • wobble

    In the old days of slow builds, the congregation used to work together, discuss things, get to know each other, and often got to like each other, also had a damn good excuse for not going on the door to door work.

    The GB did not like them becoming too much like other churches, you know , a loving community, and much, much more importantly, they were losing sales !!!!!!

    So it was decided, get the project over quickly, and the Congo. could quickly go back to in-fighting and gossiping,and not really liking each other, and much, much more importantly, back to selling !!!!!!!



  • Regretful_J

    As to the safety, that depends. At the congregation I grew up in the kingdom hall burned to the ground due to an electrical fire, something having to do with the switch box. So it can be dangerous, since when your doing it fast you overlook different things.

  • moshe

    We did a slow-build back around 1975- it took so long and so many manhours, that the elders decided to suspend all Sunday meetings for about a month so the brothers could attempt to get it done before Oct-1975. The only meeting we had was the bookstudy in private homes. I never heard any complaints about no WT study and no weekend meetings for field service.

  • Farkel

    :What's the logic behind 'Quick-build' KHs?

    So the WTS can show off and brag about it. It makes for good press too, you know.


  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    By doing it quickly, it is done fast so there are less headaches with a project that drags on for months, burning up massive amounts of manpower. Also, you don't have the problem of building materials going up by 5-15% for lumber, plumbing and electric supplies. That could really cut into the budget if the construction drags on.

  • HappyGuy

    I have worked on both types. I helped build several halls the "slow build" way. This was grueling. You get off work then you go help build the KH. Saturdays, Sundays are taken up helping to build the KH. Budgets were also blown. It is difficult to plan what costs will be for a construction project that will take one to two years to complete.

    I was very involved in the quick build program. I led two of the crews, carpentry and interior finish. (I am a master carpenter and a I was a big fan of the quick build approach because it took such a huge burden off the local brothers. I have been one of those local brothers shouldering that burden so I can speak from that point of view.

    Every quick build I worked on was run in the most professional manner imagineable. All the key trades were led by master tradesmen. We had licensed engineers on site to do inspections. I don't know if all the quick build committees did it that way.

    I don't agree that doing something fast means doing it poorly.

    As far as safety goes every quick build I was involved in far exceeded the local building codes. I would say that these buildings were safe.

    As for a fire being caused by a faulty electrical box, I guess such things have happened, in all the years I was involved in the quick build program I never heard of a case of any kind where bad workmanship led to a serious problem.

  • InquiryMan

    I once read a booklet published by a non-witness journalist on quick builds. I think it was published in Canada and entitled "Weekend Miracle". It was stated that it all started as a "grass root" project in the Mid West.

  • WTWizard

    The quicker you build them, the quicker you get everyone back out in field circus--and the fewer boasting sessions have to be missed because the Kingdumb Hell is being built. It also prevents very much discussion, plus keeps more money into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund.

    Quality and safety? The quicker you build them, the more chances there are for accidents on the site. More people there means more people to get hurt and get in each other's way. And, you rush--that's when accidents seem to happen. They also usually have issues with the air conditioning, heat, security systems, and the locks on the doors and the littera-trash counters. I have also heard of issues with mold from improper seasoning of the materials. I would not be surprised if many an electrical fire was started because of a dauber's job with the electric or because of crap quality materials.

  • blondie

    Quick builds take longer than 2 days. The time of "2-day" builds had to be renamed because they did not take that long. Some I worked on took 3 extra weekends to put down the foundation, put in the electrical, water, sewer, etc. In the olden days it took some time and then where would the flock gather?

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