What's the logic behind 'Quick-build' KHs?

by african GB Member 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • babygirl30

    Let me say this: coming from RBC that was solely used for MOLD REMOVAL - 90% of the Khalls we gutted and remodeled were suffering from mold problems due to shotty work and cheap products. Mind you, those very Khalls were 'quick builds'!!! Every time we got the call to be at another site (and it was EVERY weekend) I would just shake my head because it was inevitable that in the history of the Khall, they would tell us that it was a quick build project....

  • thetrueone

    In contrast to what the JWS build there have been at least 3 new Catholic churches built in my community

    that make the JWS Kingdom Halls look like warehouses or automotive garages.

    And no they were not quick builds but rather million dollar beautifully constructed buildings, unlike the old churchs of past.

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