Religious people are funny

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    Some of the atheists here will get BTS' pun around 3:00 AM this morning

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    What part of "Religion EVOLVED" did you NOT get??? What part of "Christianity [and Judaism, and Islam...] wasn't around for MOST of humanity's existence" did you NOT get???

    Quoting - or mis-quoting - atheists OR religionists won't change that [above-mentioned] fact... All you have to do is look at an ACCURATE history of religion - ALL religion - to realize that it, too, evolved...

    Problem is, we've had RELIGIONISTS killing hundreds (well, in true scientific fashion, I'd like to see that figure checked, both for religionists and atheists...) - let's shrink that down to a more probable 'millions' of people in the 20th - 21st century... Based on their interpretations of their 'gaod's' words - or 'goddess' words - whichever...

    Religion provides power-hungry people with another way to manipulate the masses. Discussing the masses' potential for manipulation IF RELIGION DIDN'T EXIST would be most interesting... I have a deep, abiding faith in the 'herd mentality' and stupidity of the human race; I'd say that, if religion didn't exist, the human race would find OTHER ways to delude themselves, be 'fleeced' and led about...

    Of course, ALL religions are intrinsically based on THE FEAR OF DEATH. "Do this and you WON'T DIE! Follow us and YOU"LL LIVE FOREVER!!!" ("Cut these guys' hearts out and YOU'LL HAVE RAIN!! Sacrifice yourself and YOU'LL HAVE 72 VIRGINS!!!) Sheesh....

    Facing the inevitability of death is painful, but necessary if we are not to be led and manipulated by unscrupulous people feeding off of our fears...


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    Let's all agree to disagree.

    The thing that bothers me about religious people or atheists is criticizing one another about what they believe or disbelieve. I grew up with this attitude when I was 'active'. I saw no reason to belittle other people because of what religion they chose. The fact is, most people are indoctrinated when they were young, much like myself. I was told from my mother that JW's had the truth and a paradise earth was in our near future. Why would mother lie to me? I had no reason to distrust her.

    But as everyone gets older they can make more informed decisions. If one studies the bible or whatever holy book and decides it is right for them, so be it. Who am I to say anything?

    Same goes for atheists. If a person is simply angry at God and decides to disbelieve in order to spite him then that, to me, is not an informed decision. But if you find no valid reason to believe then so be it.

    I chose the atheist side of the argument. I'm always willing to change if I see good evidence of a god. I can't seem to find any. I have been very interested in the theory of evolution as of late and I must say it is extremely fascinating. How the universe began, I don't know. I just can't substitue 'God' in the place of 'X' in the origin of life equation.

    The one thing i liked about this forum when I found it was the vast differences of opinion of people WHO USED TO BE JW'S!! It was like a utopia of people I would love to have as real life friends, people who knew where I was coming from.

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    Snowbird: "

    The Master Craftsman is totally awesome!

    Sounds like another MASONIC term...or a tool from Sears!

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    How can there even be such a thing as 'sin' when the base definition of it begins with a fable about a naked woman believing the lies of a snake in a perfect garden and ruining the whole thing for us by eating an apple.

    Ludicrous is not a big enough word.



    It's only silly because you do not understand the symbolisms. We have all taken a bite out of that apple. When WT told you do not investigate beyond the material we give all jumped over the walled enclosure of the paradise garden. You took a bite of the apple in seeking knowledge. Now you all know too much. You have to die so that the ignorant can continue to be controlled.

    Religion has always operated as an instrument of oppression; a means through which the rich can oppress the poor. To maintain any 'vestige of honor' or any control of those who are still under the spell, religion will have to kill all the apostates.

    It has happened many times before...just like this.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I really could care less about religion, god, and whatever happens in the future.

    You care enough to post on the subject.

  • dissed

    "......and ruining the whole thing for us by eating an apple."

    "That's my Apple tree saith the Lord. And for eating from it, I promise to discipline you."

    "Lets's see, what would be a fair discipline equal to the offense? Oh I got it! I will have you and all your offspring, billions of them, punished for 1,000's of years. All will die horribly. That will show you for eating one of my Apples!"

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    Take one down, and pass it around...

    (Both sides)

    - Lime

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    Who is that you posted ?

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