Snow in UK stops meetings!

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  • Poztate

    What a bunch of wimps....

    Didn't they read the YB experiences about dubs who walked 20 miles without shoes crossing through malaria filled swamps and crossing rivers filled with piranha's just to get to a meeting.

    It is obvious a "special needs" SM will have to be held soon. Whats a little frostbite compared to that.

  • BurnTheShips

    Britain is buried. All. of. it.

    Mr. Hirst, you predicted a barbeque summer for 2009 – we don’t remember that – and a mild winter for this winter, which hasn’t happened. Why did you get a massive performance related bonus?

  • Truthexplorer

    last 2 meetings cancelled at our cong (Thurs and Sunday). Will be interesting to see how empty the hall is tomorrow! .

  • SirNose586

    What a cool picture, BTS--literally! If the temperature dips to the 40-50 (F) range over here, I shiver like a madman!

  • quietlyleaving

    there is a lot of talk regarding liabilites on the news this morning. For instance local councils are saying that it is not part of their job to clear ice and snow from pavements and if we take matters into our own hands and clear them ourselves we could be sued if an accident occurs.

    Also if this is the case then most KHs ought to cancel their meetings out of love for the brothers. There is lots black ice and hardpacked snow on pavements. An elder went out in the ministry yesterday and had a bad fall on an icy pavement!

  • Tea drinker
    Tea drinker

    Yes, Poztate has a good point. I tried to emphasise the crocodile infested river stories to my elder relatives as they were debating on whether to phone round to cancel the meeting.

    Unfortunately they did the sensible thing and cancelled, which means that I now don't have the house to myself for a few hours to do some proper Watch Tower research

  • WTWizard

    I wish that little amount of snow would stop boasting sessions where I am. It looks like only about 4 inches of snow on the steps--where I live, if there was only 4 inches of snow, they would hold the damn boasting session anyways and expect full turnout. Even a foot is not a guarantee that it will be snowed out.

  • Chalam

    What a cool picture

    Agreed! You can see my house from there!

    No wait, it is obscured by cloud :(



  • happpyexjw

    Was in Birmingham, England a couple of years ago when they got about an inch of snow and it literally shut the place down. People just got out of their cars and left them on the street. It made is tough to clear the snow. Even the trains stopped running. I guess they really aren't used to it there and don't have a lot of equipment to handle it. When we returned to Colorado that week we drove home in heavy snow that eventually amounted to about 6 inches before it was over. It didn't cause any disruption at all. It makes a difference to have the right equipment and lots of experience with the white stuff. I feel bad for the UK, things must be really rough there right now.

  • cantleave

    obscured by cloud

    Good album that

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