Did You Feel Let Down By Jehovah & The "Brothers"?

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • cantleave

    Not let down by my friends, at least not yet. I let myself down, I was a sucker, I should have questioned everything sooner, but I didn't. In retrospect I can't feel let down by Jehovah, how can you be let down by an imaginary friend?

  • pat1060

    Being disappointed in my self was always with me.The door to door work was a night mare for me ,being on the ministry school was very stressful.Commenting,and they never made you feel good about yourself.I will have problems for the rest of my life because of being a jw....Even posting here is hard to express my self.They say cause you are not doing enough you are not blessed.Sure....I did love Jehovah and always talked to him about widening out....They don't let people be them selves at all.You have to be molded to be copy's of each other...

  • minimus

    People are disappointed in themselves because they are MADE to feel it's their fault that they aren't perfect.

  • nugget

    I feel desperately let down by the GB. They told me they were chosen by god to tell me the truth. I don't blame anyone who is told a lie and believes it. I do blame those that knowingly tell a lie, or know something is a lie and perpetrate it.

    Like Cantleave I am so angry with myself, I always considered myself smart and should have checked what I was told. I thought I was clever because I got the answers right, how much time I have wasted reading acaedemically weak literature, with poor research and misleading quotations. I should have seen through it myself. What annoys me is that in this instance Cantleave was smarter than me. It'll take years to get my credibility back.

    Brothers and sisters behave badly because of mind control how can I judge them badly when I was like them until recently.

  • minimus

    You can't beat yourself up too much. Mind control is a powerful thing!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm with Nugget in that I don't blame the victims. They're as ignorant as I was.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I was terribly let down. I committed adultery. I'm not proud of it but it was the only way out of my marriage to an abusive elder husband. They decided to disfellowship me.

    He, on the other hand, got a very tiny slap on the wrist.

    In the end I got my divorce and my freedom which I now treasure greatly.

  • jacquicortez

    yes all the time. and when i look back on it i get so angry....i want to work hard to get reinstated

    just so i can stir up alot of trouble and tell them to kiss my *ss. I feel a strong need to tell those

    elders to kiss my *ss. I feel like thats the type of closure i need. sometimes i have nightmares

    about being shunned by them.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Sort of a mixed bag for me. The brothers/elders are under the control of the Service Dept, which reports directly to the GB. They are given a feeling of self esteem and they get bonus good vibes and pats on the back if they enforce edicts without worrying what effect is has on the flock. For all the talk that the WT gives about loving the flock, for an elder, if you are loyal to the CO/Service Dept, it goes well for you.

    These are the brothers who let us all down.

    As far as Jehovah, this god goes under a lot of names given by religions who offer god to those who would rather you follow the human religious leaders.

    Think about it, if you are really worshiping god, isn't that between you and she? Sorry, for a personal relationship that all religions offer, JW's included, isn't it interesting that to worship god, you have to follow men and a hiearchy that is created by man?

    So no, Jehovah didn't let me down. For all I know, Jehovah works at the Blockbuster video down the street. God, whoever she is, is either ambivalent or less powerful then we all imagine. I am much more interested in how we can get in touch with that spiritual need we all have outside of organized religion.

  • thetrueone

    Yes convoluted bullshit about a non-existent god and a bunch a charlatans claiming to be his right hand man

    here on earth, the brothers are just manipulated pawns in marketing scheme, for power and wealth.

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