Did You Feel Let Down By Jehovah & The "Brothers"?

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Did you find yourself disappointed in your life as a Jehovah's Witness?

  • WTWizard

    Very much so--being told to just meet men was what did it for me. And I hope they feel the biggest guilt trip of their lives when they realize that my missing boasting sessions closely coincided with that event.

  • flipper

    Yes. Because I was lied to by a " mind control cult". The WT society paints a fantasy picture and dupes millions of people to buy into a scam using everlasting life in a paradise as bait or a carrot to continually lure people. But like Steve hassan says " cults never deliver on their promises. " But I'm happy in my lfe now with what I am pursuing . But yes, the sting is still there from being manipulated and lied to

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm more angry at myself for ever buying into it. It's a blow to one's esteem (a result of excessive pride, the JWs would say), to find out everything that's wrong with the borg.

  • minimus

    When someone sincerely prays for help and nothing happens, it makes the believer question after a while. When he is told it's HIS fault, it really gets disturbing!

  • blondie

    I was initially let down by the people who claim to be the only true Christians showing true love. I did try to be a better person thinking it was my fault. Coming from a family of abuse, I realized finally why I bought into that. After I had dealt with the sexual abuse and alcoholism and saw that the WTS is just another abuse system and applied what I had learned to protect myself from the other 2 situations. I just limit my association and look for healthy relationships which I am wiser now about seeing.

  • spawn

    Let down is an understatement,I gave up all the enjoyable things in life to join those Idiots and now I have a lot of catching up do.. These Brothers need to do some SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK 'n' ROLL or are they doing that behind closed doors.

  • minimus

    we're all catching up, i think.

  • lancelink

    Yes I did,

    i always heard from the platform, "reach out for greater privileges and you will be blessed"

    For several years I made a focused effort to reach out for more responsibilities, and priveleges and realized that it was

    like putting a carrot before a cart horse.

    Bro elder : you need to work on your answering at the meetings.

    Me : Alright, ( next several months improved, and also improved service, family study,assisting literature servant who never did anything, and

    helping others in the hall who were old and needed help.)

    Six months later,

    bro. elder: well, you have a great reputation, and have improved in spiritual matters, but we have noticed that you don't have all your literature

    studied (meaning underlined) for each meeting. So why dont you work on that, and we will review your qualifications the next CO visit?

    Six years of this game and I realized that as long as I did not become a part of their "good old boys" club my position in the hall would not change.

    It was very dissapointing to me, i really was trying to do better, but the boe self-imposed glass ceiling prevented many brothers who were qualitied from reaching out. Family ties, business dealings, were more important than real spiritual qualifications

  • truthseekeriam

    Completely let down by the Brothers! But never by Jehovah.

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