Walmart Slashing Clothes, Not Prices

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  • cameo-d

    At a time when so many in this country are more needy than they ever have been......


    At the back entrance on 35th Street, awaiting trash haulers, were bags of garments that appear to have never been worn. And to make sure that they never would be worn or sold, someone had slashed most of them with box cutters or razors, a familiar sight outside H & M’s back door.


    It is winter. A third of the city is poor. And unworn clothing is being destroyed nightly.

    A few doors down on 35th Street, hundreds of garments tagged for sale in Wal-Mart — hoodies and T-shirts and pants — were discovered in trash bags the week before Christmas, apparently dumped by a contractor for Wal-Mart that has space on the block.

    Each piece of clothing had holes punched through it by a machine.

  • designs

    Glad someone rummaged thru the trash.

    The Second Hand Stores and Food Banks can use all of the support we can give them. I like how they network within the country and internationally.

    Shalom aleichem

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    What a waste....why not give it to good will.....or some Special Pioneer Brothers??

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  • cantleave

    It is such a shame they don't think of donating short dated food or unsold clothes to charities. There are so many people living on below the poverty who could really benefit from stuff like this.

  • Violia

    Walmart has made some changes . They have gotten rid of some of their best clothes -The Geroge line and Riders ( Lee) in certain sizes . I asked the mananger and no one could give a good reason for this except that is just the way it is now and Walmart was going "Green." The George line is actually pretty nice for a store like Walmart. I'm not sure what " green" ( in this context) means but I have noticed they do not carry some of the brands I used to buy. The prices have gone up so much so that in some cases you might as well shop elsewhere. The usual slashing of prices after christmas did not occur here. Yes they had a lot of the clothes marked down , but usually they slash those prices down to almost give away - the $3-5 range. Not this year. I noted the prices are higher throughout the store on most items. ( example, I like to buy the faded glory long sleeve tops to sleep in. They usually slash them down to $3. This year they did not go below $7).

    So I guess they would rather throw out clothes than price them down?

  • Violia
  • VIII

    So, the story is focusing on H&M clothing stores and has a byline on Walmart. Which has one store destroying clothing. H&M apparently is doing it more. And, the customers of H&M, who are young, hip and faddish, are outraged. Customers of Walmart shrug their collective shoulders.

    Yet your thread is about WALMART not H&M.

    Why? Because so many Obama loving, Walmart hating (yet they shop there anyway, because their sister used to work there) types might see your thread and comment?


  • JeffT

    I noticed what VIII said as well. Always have to focus on the designated bad guy. Unfortunately this is common in the retail industry. A friend of one of my children worked for a large grocery store chain (one with unionized labor just in case you want to know). One of his jobs was pouring bleach on food that was being tossed out.

  • WTWizard

    They wonder why I now buy most of my clothes at L.L.Beans. While I have no proof that they don't also do this (if clothing doesn't meet their strict quality standards), at least I am getting products that will be of very high quality and last through the upcoming Great Depression. I cannot say that about Crap Mart.

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