The new "Find a Brother" arrangement - I went to the meeting for the first time in months tonight

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  • slimboyfat

    I went to the meeting for the first time in months tonight. During the announcements the presiding overseer mentioned that the "Find a Brother" arrangement was being moved from Wednesday nights to Saturday afternoon. What in the name of God is a "Find a Brother" arrangement? Is this for all those frustrated aging single sisters? What else has changed since I was last at the meeting?

    Plus we sang the new songs - which are awful. It's like they sucked the "vigor and vim" right out of them, and they never left me feeling either "vivacious or efficacious".

    Plus I noticed they have a list of the old groups on the notice board - even though there are no separate book study groups any more. How sad. I also noticed they don't even bother to include our names in any of the groups any more because we have been inactive for a while. Even sadder.

    Everyone is getting so old and tired. It was a rather depleted, decrepit and depressed crowd. Poor sods.

  • cantleave

    Just out of interest - why did you go?

  • cantleave

    BTW Never heard of "Find a Brother" arrangement

  • slimboyfat
    Just out of interest - why did you go?

    I wanted to see how people are doing.

  • tresdecu


    btw, the group list on the back board (uhhh don't say bullitin!!!) was for service groups and shephearding.

  • dssynergy

    I think the list on the boards you saw was the service group lists. That is how they are grouping people now instead of the bookstudy. Each group has an Elder in charge and an MS to back him up, just like the book study. Don't know what the "find a brother" arrangement is.

  • daniel-p

    It's the new arrangement for single sisters.

  • 38wastedyears

    Is it really? I would be both surprised and not surprised at all, honestly. The changes they've made just since I left have blown my mind.

  • slimboyfat

    My wife says it's probably just a new name they have given to the field ministry, as in 'make a convert, find a brother' sort of idea. But it's a pretty odd name if you ask me. Maybe our crazy PO made it up himself. Plus I don't see the point in moving a ministry arrangement from Wednesday night to Saturday afternoon when there's already ministry on Saturday morning. Who's going to turn out for that? As if ruining every Saturday morning was not bad enough.

  • hamilcarr

    In a recent KM recommendations were given that publishers should try to address themselves more to men in the field ministry. Some congregations have decided to install such arrangements. For example when a child opens the door, the publisher has to ask 'Could I speak your dad', or a woman could be asked if there's a man at home.

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