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    Hello, JT.

    Using Malcolm's insane remarks as a springboard, you said:

    well this is the great comment from a jw- what so many here find most interesting is the sheer hatred that jw "Actually" have for anyone who doesn't share thier view/explantion of scripture or interpetation... I always let nonjw know that this person merely is a reflection of the greater jw community and how they feel about others who may not accept thier explanation of scripture.
    Do you know for a fact that Malcolm is a Witness? Even if he *is*, do you honestly stand by your statement that his rabid viewpoint is a fair representation of Jehovah's Witnesses? I don't. Making blanket statements about any group of people because of the comments of one of its members, whoever that one is, is wrong. I personally know JWs who will not defend the Society's position in this particular area. If YOU thought about it, you'd make the same admission.

    That being said, I think it's a rare individual who doesn't have a 'mindset' that they feel is the correct one. For example, you have pet phrases here on -- phrases that you apply to newbies who show up to defend the WTS. You say stuff like, "He has freedom here that he doesn't have at his Hall"; your "week 53 timeshare" comment (hilarious, I might say); and similar comments. I doubt that you know enough about all of these strangers to accurately label all of them, but without fail, you do. That's JT's mindset.

    Another of your mindsets is that you feel that you did the right thing in leaving the WTS. On reflection, only you could say whether or not doing so was the right thing – for YOU. Is your course of action, then, the only 'right' course of action for EVERYONE? Should every JW everywhere stop going to the meetings?

    For example, would it be right for my mother to leave the religion she's held close to her heart since 1962? "I will not be disloyal to Jehovah or His people," she said to me the other day when I shared with her – from the Watchtower – the two questions baptismal candidates answer at the assembly. Being the best JW she can be, relying on Jehovah all the while, is her lifelong goal. It is her mindset.

    Joel, apparently, has decided to return to the Organization. For some time there have been those who saw Joel leaning in that direction and yesterday he made it 'official.' Since then many have voiced opinions that made no secret of whether they thought his decision was wise or otherwise. Still, it's his choice, and his choice springs from his mindset.

    While you and I might voice our opinions on whether either my mom or Joel is thinking rationally or not, we have to accept, and respect, their mindset. Sure we can voice our opinion that bears on our personal situation, but we cannot say whether teejay's mom or Joel are making a good decision or if their mindset is flawed. All we can say is that our decision in that particular circumstance would likely be, not necessarily right, but different. But then who's to say that *OUR* mindset is properly tuned?

    Last, you said:

    even myself - and that is why i try to catch myself when i start down that road and try to stay on the issue and not the personal
    While you said that your intention was to stay on the issue, this entire thread is just the very thing you say you hope to avoid – a personal indictment of all JWs because of what they ALL believe and teach. No, you didn't say that outright, but that was the implication in your remarks. You take the ramblings of an obviously troubled mind and, imo, apply them to all Jehovah's Witnesses, and you do this at a time and place (on your job) where JWs cannot offer a reasonable counterpoint. Personally, I don't think that's fair.

    One day for the sake of my daughter I will return to the Kingdom Hall. I will not participate as an active Witness in any way – won't make comments, won't go out in service (except to maybe to accompany my daughter), absolutely will not comply with any of their forms/procedures. Still, I will look, for all practical purposes, like a JW since I will be in their company. Would a man who lives across the street that sees me getting into my car with my family be in a good position to know what that 'JW teejay' thinks on any given subject? If they did venture an opinion, they would likely be very wrong. I believe that when you make blanket statements to your workmates about JWs personally, you are wrong, too.

    I probably spent more time as a JW than you. By no means is that a brag, but it does suggest that, while I never 'made it' like you did, I know my fair share of the full spectrum of the people who make up the JW religion. Many here can make the exact same claim. Some of the JWs truly are represented by Malcolm psychotic rant, but many aren't. I know it and you know it. For their sake, I will never demean them to strangers or otherwise allow an untruth or unfair blanket generalization about them to stand unchallenged.

    That may not make me a favorite but then... it's *my* mindset.


  • teejay


  • JT


    thanks for the response - i just don't share you view, but that's what freedom of thought and expression is all about

    life is good


  • teejay

    i just don't share you view

    Hello, JT.

    Your response left me a little confused, to say the least.

    All I meant by my earlier post was to say that we all have our unique ways of looking at things. You have yours, my mom has hers, Joel has his, and I have mine. Just as the Watchtower is not the bearer of all truth, neither are we. Do you not also share this view?

    I also said that Malcom's crazy ideas didn't necessarily reflect the opinon of all JWs and that in my opinion it is a bit unfair to say that it did, particularly on the job where the character of more reasonable JWs was not defended.

    It *THIS* the part that you don't agree with? I'd really like to know what it is about my ideas here that you disagree with. I think it's important.


  • JT

    Malcom view minus the foaming at the mouth as someone mentioned in my view is indeed the basic mindset of your typical jw

    we have the truth and you don't-

    jw have many typical mindset

    case in point -take the net- jw in general don't regard being in an open forum to discuss religion as something wondeful-

    i certainly hope that you did not conclude that i meant EVERY SINGLE JW SHARES THE SAME EXACT veiws on matters-

    for to say that would indeed be foolish, but to say that there is no "Typical Mindset" found among jw is to close ones eyes to the power of High control groups

    as has been mentioned jw are VERY PROUD of what they call UNITY- why do you think we had the Phrase "Speaking the Pure Language"

    like i mentioned --i hope that you and others did not conclude i was talking about all 6million jw down to the last man woman and child share the same exact view on everything.

    but we all bring to the table our prospective on matters

    it's just i see so many constant things that reflec that same mindset

    just the other day a guy got a letter from his mom dogging him in WT Style- many argued as to whether he should have put moms letter on the net, but it could not be denied tha so many others have as one person put it : It was like a "Script" for they too had recieved a letter with the same basic views-

    this jw mindset is why all of us from the 4 corners of the earth can relate the same exp when trying to share what info we have found on the net-

    I have yet to read of former jw who approached thier family,loved ones and friends who shared with them all the info about the org that they knew - and were greeted with:

    "Johnny I am so glad you found all this information on the org, I'll be sure to let the bro at the Hall know what you found , thanks"
    yea right

    this is the "Typical Mindset" I'm talking about and the list is as long as your arm of the issues that reflect jw mindset .

    just my 2


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